Tis the season and all that folks. The Christmas drinks invitations are coming thick and fast. Luckily I drank myself a little off the booze of late. Gah, Saturday night, why you so mean to ME!? But I go to these sunset drinks and I toast and smile because well, to be honest, I like to dress up for once. It makes a nice change from the truck stop restaurant. Haha.

I was especially excited to drop by THESE drinks because my 17 Sundays slip had arrived and I could finally wear this dress I picked up from ASOS. The material is of reasonable quality but the white sections left little to the imagination even wearing the most beige of beige underwear. A nude slip was in order and it hides a multitude of fabric sins. I may just wear this slip under everything. My Nan was on to something…

The slip really did save the day for this dress. Not only does it make it wearable but it makes it wearable in the AFTERNOON. Absolutely not on the cards in its natural state. So when we grabbed these photos on our way, with the sunlight playing silly buggers and local lads doing the same {was that a wolf whistle or a plain old come ‘ere whistle? Who knows}. I’m glad we did. This dress needed it’s moment in the sun. Literally. 

plus size fashion monochrome geo print-6

plus size fashion monochrome geo print-7

plus size fashion monochrome geo print-1

plus size fashion monochrome geo print-2

plus size fashion monochrome geo print-8

plus size fashion monochrome geo print-4

Geo Print Bodycon Dress – ASOS Curve
Worn with Slip – 17 Sundays {nude sold out}
Necklace – Op-Shop + Uberkate {gifted}
Bangles – City Chic {part of gift bag}
Shoes – Emerson for Big W {2011}


plus size fashion monochrome geo print-9

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  • Suger did you size up or just get your usual size?? I’m gonna have to get this baby because it looks so Gosh-darn hot on you!

    • I went up one Sarah, always do with the bodycon I just find the fit better. Let me know if the link is working okay for you, there have been some issues with it today. 🙂

      • Working just fine for me! 🙂
        I’ll have to have a look around the ASOS website and see whatelse I can find… Thanks for the info Melissa. xx

        • Oh good. It’s been a bit of yay and some nay all day. Wonder what’s going on. WEIRD.

  • Deb

    KaaZow! You look fantastic in that dress!

  • Ange

    Hi.. Dress looks fab! unfortunately I tried the link for the dress a couple of times which took me to some leather bralet thing lol.

    • Yeah, it’s being weird sorry Ange! It does to the dress on some devices and the bralet on others. I’ve double checked it and it points to the dress so not sure what is going on. Eeeek. I did say to one of the ladies that it might show up if you search for Club L print bodycon dress. I’m trying to find an alternate way to link to it, I’ll let you know when I do.

      • Ange

        I found it thanks 🙂 Just not so sure I could carry it off as nicely as you do!

        • Make sure you have a slip, order up one size and you’ll be fine! Thank you though. You’re too kind.

  • sheribombblog

    You look fantastic! And that dress hugs your curves in allllll the right places 😉

    • Thank you Sheri my friend. For someone with a fairly rectangular shape, I always enjoy hearing ‘hugs your curves’! What fun. x

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