The smell of pea and ham soup is filling the house as I type this—a slow meal after a busy weekend. Yesterday saw us spending time with a number of my family members on both sides at various gatherings. My cup of love and family is so full right now, and it gives me this dreamy feeling similar to the one you get after laying in the sunshine after a swim. Instead of working-working, I put aside the post I was scheduled to write and decide to write this one. To take a deep breath and enjoy the quiet.

Life has been moving quickly lately; at a pace, I can barely keep up with. Once far off targets seem closer than ever. And things in life, in business and even with this blog, seem to be on the move. If you had 2020 down as a year of change, maybe even renewal or rebirth, I have to admit, it feels that way over here too.

When I think about the way, we started the year, including my high hopes for the planners, who could ever have imagined what it would’ve looked like. At first, I thought maybe I’d start journaling again. But it turns out, that I hate my handwriting A LOT and was more focused on improving that then getting anything substantial down on paper. Admittedly I’m not the only one who did that, right? Decided that these were unique and historical times and decided to document it? How did you go with yours?


Better than me, I hope.


On Instagram a while back, I talked about how I thought I would have been more ‘productive’ during the month or so of time we spent in self-isolation. But I wasn’t, and I was okay with that. Instead, I started planning, making colourful charts and filling pages full of scribbles and ideas. The rest that I was so privileged to have turned from sleep and processing to clarity and action. It revived the goals of this very blog. And it saw me challenge myself in my business in ways I’ve never been brave enough to try. It’s a fresh start and a new page.

Tomorrow some people are coming to repaint my office, including the floors, and all the work that includes. It feels like a physical representation of what I was talking about above. I want somewhere to work that reflects who I am now. Something older, more centred in who I am and a little less afraid of expressing that. I’ve grown up a lot since we started this conversation, and I want the outer world to reflect the inner world.


Modern, simple and focused.


I’ll do what I can to share on my Instagram stories as it happens. I don’t want to get in the way of the contractors though or get to close, so it could be more of an end of the day thing. Either way, there will be photos because I’m excited to see how this all comes together. We’ve been chipping away at projects on our renovation and update list for a few months now. If you’re into such things, next on the list is a bathroom renovation and ensuite. Apparently, I might be waiting a little longer to get a pool, again, but what I can say, the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

As I head into a new week, that’s what is on my mind. That, and now that the sun is dipping behind the trees, pouring a glass of wine. A weekend well spent, I think. Here’s hoping yours was good too. Feel free to tell me all about it in the comments. I don’t have any plans now, except maybe watching all the Tomb Raider movies in the order of their release dates.



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