Lately, I’ve been on the hunt for some low-cost artwork for my office. Artwork? Maybe, calling it something more like decor or wall prints or something would be more accurate. Stuff for the wall, you get the drift. I found a few great, affordable, options during my most recent office makeover and thought I’d share. Plus I’ll share some photos from the office (from before I moved my desk, again).


A gallery wall has always been something that featured pretty heavily in my office.


Back in my first home office in the Jasmine house, I used floating shelves. Since we moved here, it was a million and one plaster puppies (actually name, I believe) in the wall opposite my desk. Which, when I started planning the refresh of the office, I planned to scale back. Which, I have done, but well, I’m not sure how long that will last. What can I say, I love being surrounded by beautiful things people have made, that I love and inspire me. I’m just always going to be a gallery wall kind of girl, I think. Here’s where I got my latest stash from.


Use the things you have

My brother and his partner gave me a Disney calendar from Typo for Christmas last year. The hook was weird and I never really hung it on the wall. But as a Disney fan from way back, I knew I was going to use the images, all of vintage Disney movie posters, as wall art. My first choice was 101 Dalmatians which is my favourite, and I just put the rest of the pages in the frame behind it so I can swap them if I feel like it.

This is the case too with all the magazines I have around. I collect magazines for beautiful covers and to tear ‘inspo’ images out of sometimes. And, that makes them perfect for hanging on your wall. I use a clipboard so I can keep the magazine intact. But you could rip the covers off and frame them or something. Or go full Gigi and blu-tak them to your million dollar apartment bathroom wall. If that’s your thing.


Print free images

Something I did this time that I’ve been saving photos for forever, was print from my collections on Unsplash. The main A3 photo (the chalkboard print) and the smaller prints you’ll see below (in the box and on the wall) are Unsplash images I loved and had printed online. I won’t say too much about where because the quality isn’t that great. But I wanted to feel okay about replacing them in the future, so it’s good enough. In the end, I printed two posters (for the large frame) and six A5 sized so I’ve got plenty of options now. Not to mention I have heaps more saved that if I wanted to, I could print on my home printer anytime.


Shop the Big Guys

I picked up this storm print from Kmart but it could have easily come from any of the big home decor stores with larger scale prints and canvases. Places like Target or Ikea. Sure, every man and their dog will own them, but when you want big you can’t go past it. This one is meant to hang vertically, but because I was covering a bunch of existing holes in the wall from my previous setup, after some fiddling around, I rather it horizontal. There’s a very good chance that if I put a gallery shelf on the brick wall, it will end up there. But for now, I’m happy with where this is situated and the stormy background it now gives me while I work.


Support the Little Guys

There is an endless supply of talented artists online, and when I asked for some suggestions on Instagram you guys came through. I purchased the stunning print you see in the featured image of this post from Jess Hutchison Art. I have two of the Native Floral Prints called the Follow your Heart and In Full Bloom, and Swifty the Swift Parrot. The one in the image is here. Originally I purchased them for the office, but the longer I have them here, the more I want to use them in the house. So, they’re on the move. After I get them some frames.

My recommendation? Ask people you know for suggestions of artists or makers they know. If you don’t see any you like, many artists use community-based platforms to print and sell their work. So, if you’re looking for work from smaller-scale businesses and artists try places like Etsy, Redbubble and Society6. The Do Something Today print in the image is from an Etsy seller YEARS ago. I have stickers from RedBubble on everything I own. And Society6 was the home for some test products back in the day involving a Suger Tee. Don’t ask.


Take a look at my office (sort of)

Now for a sneak peek into my office makeover including some of the other options I have for prints, wall decor and artwork. As I mentioned, I’ve already moved the desk (despite the power points being on that wall). The sun coming in from the top windows was too much. I’m back working under the camera shelves but who knows how long that will last. Watch this space. Maybe I’m finally at the stage where I need to get some kind of blind. But all that natural light, it’s almost too good to give up. Anyway, this post isn’t about the refresh, it’s about the wall art, let’s take a look, shall we?


There we go, team. I hope you found an option that you haven’t considered before. What do you use in your home or office to decorate the walls? Are you a prints kind of person? A wall art, canvas print, photos of the fam type? Want to know more about any of the other items you see here, let me know. Most are one-off buys or things I’ve made ages ago; but if I can help, I will. Until then, happy decorating.


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Office Wall Art - Suger Coat It

Low-cost artwork for my office makeover - Suger Coat It

Low-cost artwork for my office makeover - Suger Coat It

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