Office tour, here we go! I took an Instagram poll {which is a remarkably awkward thing to do} and it came back that 88% of those who voted wanted to see it. I’m not going to spend my days wondering WHY some people voted no. Really. I’m not. *sobs*

But the yes vote has it {please let that be a sign for all things marriage equality} so today, let’s take a look inside my office. As I mentioned in the Instagram story, there really isn’t much to see, so I shared some of the books I’m reading. Let’s get started.

Office Tour + What I’m Reading Now!


Some Suger’s Place house links!

Take a look at the time I painted the floors black!

And then, it was photoshoot time, check out these pics in this jumpsuit outfit photo.

Did you miss the house tour? Check it out here.

What’s a day in my office like? Here’s my blog day office schedule.

Want to see more from my house? Check out the Suger’s Place tag for everything I’ve shared on the blog so far.

Where should we take a look next? I was thinking our bedroom, but it needs a lot of work. We didn’t want to do too much up there as we are hoping to put in an ensuite ONE DAY, but well, that could be a little while away yet. But I’m happy to show you where it’s at now if you’d be into it. Otherwise, I was thinking I’d make Mr Suger clean up the yard and show you around the outside? Let me know. Don’t make me do another Insta poll. Clearly, they annoy some people. {wink wink}

Skimlinks Test