We all know what happened with that whole Suger with an e thing, right? Well if not it’s best you read this post about the origin of the E sometime soon. (I wrote the post, it’s here now) What you probably don’t know is that my blog was small enough when I realised my mistake that I could have totally changed it. But I didn’t. In a stroke of accidental marketing genius, I became ‘Suger with an E’. A little help from a friend and I was literally nicknamed Suger.


I like it. It’s unique and it’s a great story.


When I commissioned Amanda Fuller to create some new graphics and logos for the blog I knew then and there I’d be getting it stamped all over the stuff. She did SUCH a great job that I wanted it on everything. Cushions, iPhone cases, laptop sleeves, coffee cups etc… And of course, t-shirts. Enter this baby from Custom Plus and Bob is literally my uncle. And THAT is how I came to be branding my boobs.


And what does one do with a custom Suger t-shirt?


Well, she {this Suger person} puts together a very Suger outfit and wears it about the place and ultimately makes her Hubby take photos for a surprise reveal on her blog. Of course. The third person thing is creepy right? I’ll stop. Now continue on checking out the photos, I hope they make you smile. After all, that is the point around here.


Custom Logo T-Shirt – Custom Plus {wearing 2XL}
Vest – 17 Sundays {gifted}
Skater Skirt – via Boohoo {wearing UK24}
Shoes – Target Australia {sold out online}
Bag – Gift from my mother



It’s a wee bit too much, right? Or perhaps maybe it could be considered a wardrobe essential and I should order loads more? You decide. Haha.


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