Oooooo, skinny jeans! We’ve all heard the joke aimed at fat women about skinny jeans requiring you to be skinny to wear them, it’s like the Dad joke of body shaming. But let me tell you, this throwaway line is actually total b.s. and when you find your perfect pair of skinny jeans, I promise you, you’ll live in them!

I know I always did.

Anyone who has been following this blog for a while will tell you, I hit the skinny jeans trend pretty hard with my first pair from ASOS. As an apple shape (apparently) jeans that fit my legs, showing off the definition that I’d worked hard to achieve, was such a win!

That’s one of the best parts about skinny jeans, the chance to show off those legs, that bum or some killer hips. Get them in a jeggings style, be sexy as hell and comfortable all day. Can’t argue with that, right? Here are some looks using skinny jeans that I’ve blogged over the years.

My skinny jeans outfits!

Now, let’s talk about finding ones that fit and all that jazz, yes?

So how do I wear skinny jeans? The short version is much like the boyfriend jeans from the last post; they go with whatever your personal style is! Some great combination includes with longline tops or slouchy jumpers and boots; I love sneakers, a casual tee and sleeveless vest, or try with heels and a special occasion top/jacket combination for a low-fuss nighttime look. The possibilities are endless, and by learning how to dress your body, the shape and size it is now, you’ll find your signature look.

I love to buy my skinny jeans in a shorter leg length than I need so they end at my ankle, if you’re shorter and don’t have this luxury, try using a tailor to get the fit just right. I always buy jeans with stretch in them, but I don’t want so much that they end up saggy in the butt or at the knees from sitting.

Another great thing to look for are jeans that are higher cut on the waist. I have a long torso so low-rise jeans never really worked for me. But what does work for me is a high-waisted jean which gives me the coverage I prefer and extra support around the stomach and hips, which I love.

So, do you wear skinny jeans? Where are you buying them at the moment? Give us your hot tip, after all, sharing is caring. 

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