Do you know those people who always look effortlessly put together? Running their hand through a perfect mane of hair as their pressed white button-up shirt flutters gently in the breeze, grazing the fabric of perfectly fitted jeans? You know those people, yes? We all would love to roll out of bed as those people.

Unfortunately, if you are like me, it takes an effort to look “put together”. What if you want comfort and style but want it fast. And without an iron? You want casual without daggy. Trust me, I’m your girl, this style has me written all over it.

I love uncrushable, re-wearable, layer-able, and easy clothes that are on-trend without being trendy and most of all; I want to be comfortable. So after a couple of days of search terms indicting you ladies want the same thing, I thought to give the people what they want. My guide to casual dressing that isn’t daggy, and here we are.


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Make it uncrushable

Fabrics that wrinkle require endless precise ironing aren’t your friend. If it can’t be given a wash, a flick and hung up to dry, then it’s too hard. Sure, improve your laundry processes to decrease the crease, but we all know the items I am talking about when push comes to shove. Linen, I’m looking at you.


Choose one item to ‘dress it up.’

I love the slouch pant trend. The slouchier, the better, but the thing is, it really can look like you made zero effort at all unless you dress them up a little. A little pull up of the leg or a half tuck here or heeled boots there. It can mean a statement necklace, a killer jacket, or a pop of show-stopping lipstick for some people. Consider the overall look and step it up one.


Stripes are REALLY a girl’s best friend.

I don’t care what they say when it comes to casual cool think stripes. Stripes are simple, chic and elegant. Next time you reach for a plain coloured top, swap it out with a simple boat-neck stripe t-shirt, and you’ll feel like a million bucks. The same can be said for a simple stripe scarf or a pair of ballet flats. Amp with the ‘I tried” factor with stripes.


Fit is everything

Daggy clothes are daggy because they are threadbare, probably a little saggy in the bum and probably have stains on them. The style gods can forgive most sins, but the fit of an item can change EVERYTHING. When I wear the Afterglow tee as it was designed, it is casual, oversized and comfy, but wear it a couple of sizes smaller and tucked in, the whole look changes.

Consider the fit of your clothes. Try on a range of sizes and see what looks best on your body. It’s time you ignored those numbers on the tags anyway. It’s all about cut and style. I own clothing in sizes 16-26 that I regularly wear in my wardrobe, and I am a pretty standard size 22 across the board. Do you get how ridiculous it is to get caught up in a number? Wear the clothes that fit, and you’ll take your look for daggy to casual cool in a moment.


Flats, Wedges & Ankle Boots

This is my shoe A-Team. Stilettos are awesome, thongs {flip-flops?} are the boss, but as some people tell me, they are more beach than fashion {boo} and killer boots have their place. Still, when it comes to casual cool, these three are THE ONLY shoes you need: a versatile, well-fitting ballet flat, a simple suede wedge and a medium heeled ankle boot. I challenge you to find an outfit that you couldn’t wear with one of these three. A-Team, you hear me?


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Get excited about your style.

It’s fun to get dressed; it really is. Take a moment to experiment with what you have. Wear them a little differently from how you would have before. I put together outfits on hangers all the time when an idea comes to me. Sure not all of them work out {trying too hard happens ALL the time over here – HA} but sometimes they do. Play, have a few ideas.


You don’t need much

I know, stop laughing, you’re probably all rolling your eyes as I say this, but you really don’t need much in your wardrobe to make this look work. Ask anyone who has seen my wardrobe. Liv even said that she was quote “disappointed” when she first saw my wardrobe. There’s not much there. I don’t own that many clothes. More than some women, sure, but everything in my wardrobe is there because it gets worn.

Is this a good time to mention my eBook, that old chestnut, may help you on this one? Clean out, clean up and build a stylish wardrobe on a budget. That’s the promise. So if you’re sitting here thinking, OMG, I can’t even deal with my wardrobe {I was looking at mine this weekend thinking, oh yuck, I’ve worn everything to death} then maybe it’s time for a spring clean. You really don’t need that much.




I realised that I could have gone on and on with my tips for an easier, more comfortable and generally wearable wardrobe of clothes, but this post was long enough. You need to get out there now and experiment. Try new things, try a style you never thought you would, and most of all, keep it casual. Style is meant to be fun; you should have some.

Let me know your MUST SHARE tip about casual but not daggy dressing. Do you have one? Or are you the perfect creature discussed in the first paragraph that we are all in awe of? That’s fine too, tell us HOW. Haha.


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