My style has really cemented for me this season. The access to loads of gorgeous new season clothes, a new “job” that gives me a little more spending money in my pocket than I am used to and that sort of stuff mean I look and feel how I’d always imagined. Sure there are things I’d still love to own. There are even things in my wardrobe that I wear that aren’t as cool as I think I am {ha!} but they stay because they’re my favourites.

And that’s what it’s all about, right?

Personal style isn’t always going to be high heels and carefully thought out and planned outfits. I want to say contrived outfits, so let’s go with that. Sometimes it’s about the things that you know work for you and wearing them to death. Dresses and ankle boots, always such a win for me. When I want to get out and about with my man or the ladies, having something I know works, that I can throw on is a lifesaver. And a total time-saver. Here’s my new favourite.

plus size 17 sundays dress bared footwear-4 plus size 17 sundays dress bared footwear-6 plus size 17 sundays dress bared footwear-5

And did we all admire the Rolls Royce of ankle boots that I am wearing? Seriously, my Target ones are good. My Bare Foot Tess boots are awesome. But these ones knock them out of the park for comfort {and they should at like 10 times the price}. They even smell delicious in the way that only fresh leather can. Now I need to save my pennies and get them in the blue. Greedy? Yeah probably. But I know what I like.

plus size 17 sundays dress bared footwear-7 plus size 17 sundays dress bared footwear-1 plus size 17 sundays dress bared footwear-2

Oversized Blazer – Ashley Stewart via Curvy Cartel
Necklace – Diva
Un-hook the Stars Dress – 17 Sundays {gifted}
Kingfisher Black & Tan Boots – Bared Footwear

plus size 17 sundays dress bared footwear-12

  • Mel Watson

    They really are a fine looking pair of boots! And the blue is gorgeous!

    • They really are. Glad to have been introduced to the brand for sure. Stunning.

  • stinkb0mb

    Lovely outfit. And yes those blue boots are gorgeous…..but not $329.oo gorgeous….holy crap.

    • Thanks Rach. After 2 years of solid ankle boots I am ready to commit to more expensive options as I know I will get the use out of them.

  • Loving that jacket!

  • Nicole

    Love this entire outfit! Esp the boots. X

  • I have so many feet issues that if I find a pair of shoes that are comfortable and look great, I’d buy them in all the colours. I’m a total cheaparse but I’d much rather have a pair of $300 shoes that don’t cause blisters and pain than 10 pairs of $30 shoes.

    • I’m going to be one of those people that says what I’m about to say, so try not to roll your eyes at me, ok? Haha. BUT as I get older more and more I find that if I am going to be in a shoe or boot for a period of time the cheaper ones just don’t cut it. At all. Like I said to Rach below, I haven’t ‘invested’ in ankle boots because they felt a bit trendy, but I’m in my second year of pretty consistent use so it’s time.

      • Seriously, I’d love to have back all the money I’ve spent in this life on shoes I’ve worn once and they’ve cut my feet to ribbons. I’ve even bought expensive shoes that have not worked. On the other hand, I got a pair of Mary Janes from Spendless that were fab. They wore out and I got two more pairs for $24 total. Gone through all 3 pairs now and they don’t have them any more 🙁

        • I hear you. I have a pair of work shoes I paid $35 for and they are soft and squishy and supportive. I love them. Fit and quality of fit matter. Having them for more than one season helps too.

  • Love it!

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