And I’m using the term date night, pretty casually here, folks. But what we did have was a chance to take a drive, pick up some takeaway and hang out somewhere that wasn’t our living room. I’ll take it. And I’m sure for any number of you continuing to self-isolate would feel the same way. AIR. Fresh air. Haha.


So, what does one wear to sit in a car, grab food and eat it outside? 


Casual stuff. Comfortable stuff. And ultimately, whatever makes you feel good because that’s the main aim here. My choice was a midi dress I picked up from ASOS at the start of summer. I sent it back twice to get a size that works for me, and it’s still not ‘perfect. But it works, and the slightly oversized at the top nature of it means I have room for tops worn underneath (a favourite look of mine) or room to move in general. I’ve worn under my 17 Sundays BASIC tee, knotted at the front with sneakers I keep forgetting I own. I bought these back when I picked up my New Balance ones (which was January’ish) and have worn them maybe three times. Don’t worry; I have plans to rectify that by leaving them near the door for the good old slip on and go situation I do so well.


That’s what I wore for our date night. 


And in true, flashback fashion, I parked us at a nearby grey wall and asked Kel to snap some photos. It’s not something we do a lot anymore, but we’re getting back into it. I miss having a reference of outfits I like to refer to when I have no idea what to wear. I miss getting dressed dressed too. Working from home for almost two years meant I really pared back the way I dress and the clothes I wear often. But I’m feeling like having a little more fun again. I’m hoping you won’t mind me sharing them here (again). It’ll be like old times. But new times, haha. Sounds like a plan, yes?




17 Sundays BASIC Dolman Tee (L) (Gifted), ASOS Cami Slip Dress (worn as skirt) and Nike M2K Techno from The Iconic


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