As a teenager, and much smaller plus size person than I am now, finding things that I wanted to wear was impossible. I’ve talked about this before (over and over and over again). There was no chance of finding a cute cami dress, that’s for sure. A smock maybe, but camisole, not that I could find.

Anywaaaaaay that brings us to today.

I’m thirty-five years old, and I’m living my best teenager life. Which basically means that I’ve been inspired by discovering what it is that I love to wear these days. Whether that be something like this, the ease of low fuss fabrics or casual t-shirts both regular and as dresses. You might have noticed. It’s casual AF over here.

You guys know, over the years I’ve been through a lot of looks (gah, peplum) and styles but it’s funny how things come full circle. Here I am, right back where 13-year-old me started. She had a clear vision for your style but was never really able to execute it.

Poor kid.

I think maybe we need to trust our younger selves a little more. Perhaps those kids knew what was up all along. That said, she also wore snap side tracksuit pants with knitted crop tops, sooooo there’s that. Haha. But really, something I’m trying to do is have more fun with my style.

The worry about whether I’m dressed age appropriately or wearing clothes that flatter me had started to creep back in. I think that had a lot to do with my anxiety and how I was dealing with people. But, it’s nice to step back outside that and have some fun. Highly recommend; five stars.

Wearing ASOS Curve Midi Cami Slip Dress (UK24), ASOS Curve Stripe T-Shirt (UK22) and Converse Sneakers (similar). 

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