Now that we have ALL recovered from the wanky’ness of the title, let’s talk about health, eating well and beauty. In my opinion, of course. I’m not a medical professional; I’m especially not a beauty blogger. My friend Desiree would probably pee her pants laughing if I pretended for a moment to be so. I’m just me, being me telling you what I think I know.

And what I know is that what you eat and do impacts how you look—your looks. I found that the condition and quality of my skin {though prone to all sorts of madness}, nails, and hair SUFFERS if I’m eating poorly, not exercising or, most importantly, skipping out on the sleep. Any hairdresser, beauty therapist or health care professional will, I’m sure, tell you the same thing. You can’t fake good health.

I know, darn it!

I feel good when I am having my green smoothie in the mornings, when I pack a wholesome snack for work, and when I eat my big salad for lunch. I get to the gym or pool more often and drink more water. I think clearer, and things got better for me. Another side effect is that my skin improves. Where it usually is congested and dull, it becomes bright and glowy. Same for my hair. My eyes. Everything.

I’ve had bad skin on and off my entire life.

Sometimes more so than other times, there was no remedy great enough. So please don’t think I’m saying you can cure all with a good diet and some exercise. I’m not. I’m saying health shines from within. No amount of concealer, brightener or blush can give you the glow of someone taking care of themselves well.

So to answer the question, what do I use on my skin/how do I get the clear, glowing look? The answer is when I am well, very little at all. I use a face wash {morning and night}, some cleansing pads {twice daily, fight breakouts} and a 30+ sunscreen moisturiser in the morning. I wear makeup during the day but remove it as soon as possible.

And keep in mind that my photos are Instagram filtered and taken in nice light.

I don’t facially edit them. I think it’s important to note that if you look clearly at them, some days are certainly better than other skin texture-wise. You can’t hide when your health is suffering. It shows in your skin, eyes, and hair is suffering… Not even an Instagram filter can do that.

I try not to fuss if I have a blemish; leave it be. And finally, my friend occasionally gives me a facial or a peel. But that happens about as regularly as I clean my makeup brushes. {Not regularly at all. I’m gross}. The short version is that it shows in my face when I’m well, doing what I know to do. Even the blue of my eyes is clearer.

So that’s the answer to the question. For a healthy-looking glow, be healthy. Boring, right? 

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