Mr Suger and I, we are creatures of habit. Every Sunday morning we wake up, go to breakfast, drive around for a bit, then go to work. It’s the self-employed life. Sunday is a great day to sleep in, and often we do. But do you have any idea how much work you can get done when no one else is working?

No emails. No distractions. Heck, no one even really texts on Sunday.

It’s the best. And that’s not to say that we don’t enjoy those long mornings in the sunshine that streams through the high windows in our bedrooms. Or that breakfast is rushed in any way or form. Oh no, we settle in there for coffees and eggs and sit until our hearts are content. And then, we drive.

It’s one of our favourite things to do; drive around our town. This little tradition of ours harks back to my real estate days from what I can figure. When there were houses to check out, signs to put up and yards to inspect on the way past. A drive for an hour or two, catching up on the week, singing along to some tunes, is the perfect weekly reset for us.

It certainly clears the head before jumping back into it.

I often think that when I’m fully retired into my businesses and Kel has a little more time, we could start the day that way a few times a week. To laze in bed than eat restaurant eggs on a Wednesday. Think of the coffee card stamps I could rack up. It just seems like total #goals, right? It does to me, anyway.

With all that behind us, usually still only 11 am or so by this point, he goes out to work, and I go into my office. Those few hours between then and my nap later in the afternoon can be so productive. This week I managed to edit all the Leave Home Blog’s new photos, schedule three lots of clients content, send an EDM and write this post.

I’ve found the holy grail of interruption-free work time.

Even if most of it IS done from my couch. Or with coffee brewing and iTunes baring. I don’t know what your week looks like, but if you ever needed to find a few hours to get on top of things, I highly recommend taking back these hours. Even with a more demanding family situation (I mean, Mr Suger takes care of himself!), there would be an hour or two there, I’m sure.

Take it from me, it takes the load off, the pressure comes down and by the time Sunday evening comes around you feel ready and raring to go for the week ahead. And yes, I know for some of you, Sunday may be your day of rest. I get it. Take that rest. But consider too that there SO MANNY hours int eh day, maybe you can do both.

What do you think? Working on Sundays, yeah or nah? 

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