My skin is notorious for being neglected, mostly. But I try and face masks are one way I do that. My skin has also been exposed to way too much sun, is prone to breakouts with large pores and considerable congestion and oil issues. Fun times. All that aside, I appreciate all my skin does for me (literally holding it together). I also think it’s essential to take some time with yourself like this sometimes and do a mask.


Self-care, baby.


I love the occasional face mask party; a little spa day at home. When I asked for recommendations for what I should be buying, you guys delivered! So, with all that fancy feedback under my wing, I went online shopping. I was looking for cleansing, anti-blemish sort of stuff, but also hydrating and anti-aging too. All the things. Haha.  

Before we start, important to know that I didn’t try any DIY facial masks, but maybe I will during winter this year; fill in some time on those nights I’m ready for bed at 6 pm. But for now, I bought enough masks to fulfil the needs of a much larger, more skincare dedicated household than ours. But, that means it’s face mask (the skincare kind) buy and try time. These are the ones I have with my thoughts and feedback for those playing at home. Let’s go.  


Buying + Trying at Home Face Masks (Skincare)


Frank Body Complexion Crew Kit


Frank Body


First, I picked up the MEGA Complexion Kit because I wanted some variety. Plus I already use the face wash, and Kel uses the everyday moisturiser, so it made sense. My favourite of this little package is the Anti-Drama Mask. I’ve used it three or four times, just in general use, which given the volume of masks I currently have in the house is a lot.

The best part is, as a coffee lover, I’ve always been a massive fan of the coffee smell of Frank Body products. The masks aren’t overly scented, I think the smells you get are just from the ingredients. I should have checked on that for sure, but that’s my guess.

Secondly, the Facebook team recommended trying the Brightening Vitamin C Mask, which is a new’ish product. It wasn’t on the radar. Of all the masks I bought in this round, it’s my favourite. It’s like a gel, easy to apply and doesn’t have to stay on for much longer than 5 minutes. And despite saying that I like the smells, this one doesn’t, and I’m into that.


Loreal Pure Clay Mask


Loreal Pure Clay Masks


This is a restock for me, I’ve used this Loreal Pure Clay Marine Algae Anti-Blemish Face Mask (RRP AU $19.99) on and off since they first came out. I’m a sucker for the beautiful blue colour, but mostly, I like it because it’s always done good things for my skin. The best part is that it doesn’t end up leaving my skin overproducing oil which can happen with some of the pollution/congestion-busting ones I’ve tried.

If I know that I’ll be wearing makeup, I’ll do this mask a few days, up to the night, before and it gives me a decent base to work with. It can ‘bring out’ some pimples, so keep that in mind for this makeup strategy. Hence the leaving it a day or two. I’ve used the blue (Pure Clay Marine Algae Anti-Blemish Face Mask) and the black (Pure Clay Detoxifying Charcoal Mask) versions. There are soothing and exfoliating versions too.


Sukin Facial Masque


Sukin Facial Masques


This was another recommendation that I’m glad I decided to buy, the Anti-Pollution Facial Masque (Oil Balancing – RRP AU $19.95). This one was a lifesaver during my last period when the combination of self-isolating and hormones hit me HARD. It felt gentle enough to use every couple of days. It was great at improving the overall texture and condition of my skin. I used it in combination with the Vitamin C mask, which can be used 2-3 time a week.

It’s made for combination skin and to be honest, at this time of year I definitely have some dryness with my usually oily skin; weather-related for sure. Overall it’s a great, easy, go-to mask that works for my skin. This mask does leave my skin a little shiny in some places for the day after using it. Possibly due to some of the hydrating aimed at drier skin. That’s not a bad thing, but for me, I avoid if I’m going to be trying to wear makeup within a couple of days.


And that, team, is my little face mask round-up.


I’m in no way, anything remotely close to an expert on skincare. I certainly hope you didn’t come here for THAT kind of advice. Eeeek. But, something like face masks or doing something for your skin, is the perfect way to show yourself a bit of love. And I know, it’s beauty focused and can it not ALWAYS be. Sure, consider this one of many arrows you should have in your self-care quiver. Sound good? Excellent.


Tell me, have you tried any new face masks lately that you’d like to recommend? Or have tried one of the above and want to give your feedback on it? 



Feature Post Images via Frank Body Blog

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