Welcome, fellow large footed friend. If your internet search for women’s shoes for large feet has landed you here, I’m glad you found us. I know that search well. You don’t get to be a 178cm tall woman without big feet. It’s par for the course, as they say. These days, I wear a ladies 11/12 thanks to having a long foot and a wide one as well. 

Finding fashionable shoes in the sense that I’m into wearing them that fit and are reasonably comfortable to wear is a whole thing. My love of sneakers and basic slides is probably born from years of uncomfortable work shoes and crazy-ass heels. I’ve had some big feet adventures, let me tell you!


Buying shoes for my large feet.


Luckily, my family travelled to the United States when I was a teenager, where my siblings and I stocked up on the latest and greatest sneakers. Think Reebok Pumps and blue suede Sketchers. It was years before I would need to buy shoes again, and that’s when I realised it was going to be more difficult than it had been overseas. 

When I first started working and needed decent work shoes, I would purchase a size 10/10.5 in brands like Joanne Mercer or Diana Ferrari. I’d squish into them and wear them in. for this strategy you have to be sure that you buy leather; the natural give helped. When I started blogging, I discovered Torrid and would buy on-trend heels, flats and shoes that were just fun, via fellow bloggers (second hand or sharing the postage) from there all the time. 


Learning the ropes; buying women’s shoes for large feet.


But, don’t you worry my friend, things got a little better. Over the years, I’ve found some great options. I’m always looking for more and will continue to update this post as I find them. After all, finding women’s shoes for large feet that fit has been a struggle for as long as I can remember. So, here are some that I’ve found and happily recommend. 


Where to buy women's shoes for large feet - Suger Coat It


Style Tread (sizes 4 – 14)

ASOS (sizes 4 – 15 + wide fit)

Big on Shoes (sizes 5 – 16 + wide fit – see gallery below)

Rosenberg Shoes (sizes 10 – 14)

Torrid (sizes 6 – 13 + wide fit)

Shop Style (size 4 -14)

City Chic (sizes 8 – 14)

Designer Shoe Warehouse (sizes 2 to 14.5)


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Where to buy women's shoes for large feet - Suger Coat It

Where to buy women's shoes for large feet - Suger Coat It

Where to buy women's shoes for large feet - Suger Coat It


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