Wearing sneakers with everything and anything is my thing. It used to be ankle boots, then somewhere along the way I decided that sneakers were fun and never took them off again. So when people kept landing on the blog asking ‘how to wear sneakers with this or that’ I decided it was time to answer the searching.

Don’t you think?

And sneakers can mean all sorts of styles from Converse to street style trainers to a more preppy style that looks like a loafer hybrid thing. Whatever your style sneakers are one of those items that every girl needs in her wardrobe. Because comfy. Haha. So let’s get the ball rolling, pull on your sneakers team.

Sneakers and Dresses

There isn’t a length that the sneakers and dress combination doesn’t work for. I love the look of sneakers with a little dress, a maxi dress and pretty much anything in between. I love a clean white sneaker (obviously) but don’t discount black for a sporty impact or coloured sneakers for their fun and joyful addition to the outfit.

Sneakers and Jeans or Pants

Just like when you’re wearing ankle boots, I like to have a peak of an ankle between the sneaker and the bottom of the jeans. Otherwise, let’s face it, you kind of look like your Dad on an overseas holiday. Haha. I live in sneakers with my boyfriend jeans especially, but they work just as well with a slim fit, an anti-fit and the jogger style jeans or pants.

Sneakers and Skirts

There’s nothing I love more than my stripe pencil skirt, white sneakers, a casual tee and some fun layering with a light jacket (usually my cape style ones). It’s casual; it’s cool, and it can take you to work, the movies or out to dinner with the right attitude. When it comes to skirts and sneakers, I find that the midi-skirt can be the trickiest to wear because the length of the top can put you out of balance. But tuck like a legend by checking yourself out in the mirror and tuck, untuck or blouse until it works.

plus size blogger asos curve grey maxi dress-3 plus size blogger asos curve grey maxi dress-11 plus size blogger asos curve grey maxi dress-7 plus size blogger asos curve grey maxi dress-4 plus size blogger asos curve grey maxi dress-9

Wearing 17 Sundays Denim Jacket (Size AU 20), ASOS Curve Grey Easy Vest Maxi Dress (Size AU24) and Adidas NEO Sneakers (Size 11).

plus size blogger asos curve grey maxi dress-2

For sneaker outfit inspiration take a look at my #sugersoutfit tag on Instagram or the outfits gallery here on the blog. There’s plenty of options there, especially Instagram as it’s such a day-to-day look for me. What can I say, sneaker life chose me. Haha. What about you? Are you team sneakers with everything?

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