There’s a frustration that comes from seeing an item of clothing on a blogger and not being able to buy it. I get that. BEEN THERE. But the thing is that my wardrobe is something I live out of, I wear the clothes I blog and sometimes there are items in that I purchased YEARS before.

Because that’s the reality, right?

This blog isn’t about having the most up to the minute, new from the post items that the world-wide-web has to offer. It’s about style, personal style and living your life the best you can. And let’s face it, plenty of people spend more than they can afford and that would never sit right with me.

So sometimes, you have to deal with some major reusing. And you know what I know about you guys? You’re more than okay with that. The injection of new items from sponsors or interested brands keeps you up to date, but realistically no one needs an entirely new wardrobe every month.

And that’s why I will always advocate you shopping your wardrobe, a friend’s wardrobe or restyling something you’ve worn a million times. It just makes sense. This outfit, clothing all 17 Sundays, is put together from items that I’ve collected over the past few years. The quilted skirt may be available, possibly, maybe, but the rest are probably long gone from any shop or sale. But come on, it’s all sorts of on-trend. If I do say so myself.

That’ the point team.

Build your wardrobe of GREAT pieces and you’ll never really need to shop again.

Well, unless you want to. Because it’s fun and new stuff is fun.

Anyway, that’s my point.

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So, what’s your wardrobe philosophy? New or old, packed or sparse? Budget fashionista or splurge queen? 

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