Janine is on a mission to find the perfect maxi dress for Christmas Day. I mean, aren’t we all. While watching a movie last night, I started having a look around and bookmarking some of my favourites as I came across the. This post is about sharing what I found from some of my favourite online plus-size retailers.

I love a maxi dress for Christmas Day. Simply because they’re easy to wear, can take you from a casual gathering to something more dressed up if it needs to. And, the most important, you can eat and drink freely without feeling like your clothing is cutting you off. I did the same thing for my brother’s wedding last month when I needed something to work in (I was doing their photos) and something that looked dressy enough for a wedding.

And can I just say? Boho ladies, this is the year for you. Oversized shapes and prints, layers of lightweight fabrics and ruffles EVERYWHERE. But if it’s not your style, don’t stress, I found some options that I love that are a little less flouncy. I mean, we all know that my style could hardly be described as Boho. Let’s check them out, shall we?


Plus-Size Maxi Dresses for Christmas Day



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Left (Top to Bottom)
Vagary Raspberry Shirred Dress  |  Amethyst La Luna Gown  |  Savelle Maxi Dress  |   Hope + Harvest Mahla Maxi
  |  Peach the Label Larissa Maxi

Middle (Top to Bottom)
Ada + Lou Sarah Maxi  |  Ada + Lou Vida Maxi  |   Vagary Emerald La Luna Gown  |  Vagary Starry Skirt

Right (Top to Bottom)
ASOS Curve Button Up Maxi  |  Hope + Harvest Delilah Skirt  |  ASOS Curve Shirred Tiered Maxi  |  Birdsnest Leap Print Jumpsuit 



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