I’m a water baby and living in the water requires that you have something to wear. As body confident as I am, nude beaches will never be my thing. So off I go in the search of swimwear that fits, works for the various uses I require it to and looks goooood. I’ve had success and failures and now own somewhere in the region of 15 pairs of togs (that’s swimwear in Queenslander). That makes me an expert, I think.

Let’s talk where to buy plus size swimwear, shall we? Click the slides to move on. The final slide includes me in the swimmers I’ve featured on the blog with links back to the original posts. That’s your incentive for making it to the end. Please note there are NO affiliate links throughout this post but I have in the past received items from some brands for review. Happy browsing.


My first decent swimsuit came from City Chic. It was a strapless (with removable straps) suit with a giant ruffle along the front. It was the first time I wasn’t squashing into a regular size 20 and hoping for the best. I still have that suit 3 years later and it’s good as new. That’s got to be the best advertisement for swimwear if it holds it’s colour and shape through numerous years of use. Two enthusiastic thumbs up. PLUS my friend Desiree has the bikini in this collage and it’s AMAZING in real life. Sooooo good.

After a few seasons of trying them on, I’ve found that I wear the XL (I’m a 22 in swimwear normally) in the swimsuits. All the sizing is pretty consistent across the range. Try one you’ve tried them all would be my advice, get in store if possible and try some on, then you’ll be set for ordering online. If that’s not possible the measurements appear to be on track.

Shop the 2014 City Chic swimwear range here.


A recent addition to my closet is the watercolour bandeau suit from Curvy Swimwear. This is a capsule luxe collection from the makers of Capriosca Swimwear. I own a number of their day-to-day and chlorine resistant swimwear and have always found them impressive. This suit though is something else. It lives up to the luxe price tag in the fit and quality of the material. Gorgeous.

As far as sizing goes I found it a great fit if not a little on the small size. This could be me with my long torso, but a size up would’ve been perfect. I own the 22 and if I weren’t so tall, it would be a great fit because elsewhere it fits like a super good-looking glove. If you’re after something special, something that you won’t see everywhere, these are the suits for you.

Shop the Curvy Swimwear 2014 capsule collection here.