I decided to write this post about a month ago. I’ve been finding my time in the pool the most refreshing and wonderful thing. I thought, heck I’m going to tell the folks that read the blog all about it. So here we are. Then an email landed in my inbox asking how I was this new year from the team behind Sequins and Sand {we worked together on THIS post last year, and this one TOO}. Perfect timing I said, I’m doing a post about pool swimming, would you like in?

And they said yes.

SO after I finish waffling on, showing you some photos of my new swimmers {top courtesy of Sequins and Sand} there will be a chance for you to WIN some swimmers of your very own to get your butt in the pool in style. Exciting, right? Well hang around for a bit before you go rushing off to enter would you please. Read all the goss. Let’s get started, shall we.

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All I know is that for me I swim because it’s quiet under the water. I swim because it makes my heart strong, it’s good for cardio health and my muscles respond well to the long, clean strokes. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it keeps me sane. At Step I work hard, at the Gym I lift weights and grunt and groan. In the pool I think, I breathe, I count my breaths and calm myself. If your mind races. Swimming might just be for you.


Pool, ocean, river or creek. It doesn’t matter. All you need is a safe length of water to paddle about in. That’s it. During winter a lot of areas have indoor pools {or consider going on your lunch break if not heated, it will be reasonable one some days} so make use of them. I’ve just discovered an indoor pool here {used to teach children to swim} and will be continuing on long past the closure of the main pool which is seasonal here.


I use the local pool that is 50m in length and try to spend thirty minutes to an hour. Just like walking, you need to make the time to get some blood flowing. Stop if you have too after every lap. Build up to swimming the entire time. Buy a kick board and kick sometimes. Keep it simple with long slow strokes. Kick from your hips but don’t swivel them {your hips that is} all about.

Goggles help, a swimming cap if you are in the pool and like the condition of your hair to NOT resemble straw. But all in all swimming is a really inexpensive form of exercise. You don’t NEED anything other than something to wear to the pool. And once you’re there you’ll realise everyone does their own thing in regard to that. Keep it simple, right?

plus-size swimwear pool-7 plus-size swimwear pool-13plus-size swimwear pool-8plus-size swimwear pool-6 plus-size swimwear pool-4


This hot red little number {top} is the third I have from the team at Sequins and Sand {they also sent a black suit, not pictured}. I’ve paired it here with my Sorella Swim pants but it came with some red briefs. Brief briefs let’s just say. Haha. I love them for the beach, my tan line has never been this tiny, but when swimming I want something I don’t have to adjust. Like ever. Try the boy-leg bottoms if you were concerned, they work really well.

I like the one piece togs for swimming mostly but being long in the body often this leads to boob squish and discomfort around my shoulders. The tankini is a great option and is like the best of both worlds. What I love most about the whole lot is that these togs are chlorine resistant. I selected them from the range specifically to test them out. Colour fade of your pool swimmers is pretty major if you go often enough. I’m happy to report back that all is well so far.

A note to buyers though, it does make the fabric a little firmer, so get ready to wiggle a little bit more to get into those one pieces. My black ones I put them on before I go because I have to lay down like too small jeans. But man-oh-man they fit like a glove and don’t budge when you swim in them. Seriously, worth the effort getting into them. So now are you ready to WIN some of your very own!?

plus-size swimwear pool-12

We are going old school with this give-away {no widget!} and asking you to go to the site and choose yourself THE pair of swimmers you would like if you win. I’ve linked to the plus-size section BUT if you’re not plus-size, just click on over to the regular sizing and choose from there! You don’t have to leave your size or postal address in the comment {please don’t, awkward}, I’ll get that later. There is one swimsuit available {that would be a top and pants if choosing separates} to an Australian resident. The winner will be notified by email and must respond within 3 days or forfeit the prize.

To win you MUST be contactable via email {leave it in your comment} and respond to the question “I would choose the {insert swimsuit name} because {insert reason for choice here}”. I will choose the winner because I am the queen of THIS world. Haha. You will not be eligible to win if you’d meet this criteria. Entries close Friday 28th February at 5pm (QLD time!).



  • Megan

    Hi Melissa, thanks for this opportunity to win a fab pair of togs. I would choose the Capriosca Polka dot chlorine resistant swim dress because I do a lot of hydrotherapy and it offers great coverage and a hell of a lot of style

  • Mel P

    I would choose the Capriosca Swimwear Ahoy There Bow One Piece because it is amazeballs! It combines function and style perfectly – tummy control panel, fabric is chlorine resistant, and that neckline with the bow! To die for!!

  • Kathy Johnston Kerr

    “I would choose the “Capriosca Swimwear Vintage Stripe One Shoulder Onepiece” because “its stripy and currently on special”

  • Shazzy Peers

    I would love the Capriosca Chlorine Resistant One Piece Splice. It looks super classy with that “old school” charm about it. I love that simple look. My unruly body would certainly put that Powernetting tummy control to the test.

  • Ooh ooh, are the swimdresses part of it? I love the bikini tops (the black tie front one in particular, oh, and the Moroccan one), but I’m a G cup and they only go up to F. And I’ve always wanted a swimdress.

    *ahem* I would choose the utterly gorgeous Swimdress in Black and White (the chlorine resistant one with the dot panel up the middle) because I’ll get in trouble if they catch me skinny dipping again.

    Cheers, Your Majesty 😉

    • And you probably know this already, but if you get your hair really wet before you go into the pool, the chlorine can’t get in. I do this when I’m swimming in chlorine and it really does work.

      (And how good is it that Capriosca haven’t airbrushed the model? As a lady with back fat it’s so refreshing to see it on a swimsuit model too. Even though she does have a much better tan than I do. And she looks so happy, I love it.)

      (OK, shutting up now!)

  • Kim Donaldson

    I would choose the Capriosca Swimwear Black White Halter One Piece because all my swimmers are “granny” swimmers and this is SEXXYYYY!!

  • Megan

    I would choose and LURVE the Capriosca Vintage Stripe One Shouldered swim suit because awesome, that’s why – its stripey and one shouldered, what’s not to love?

  • Pumba

    I would choose the Capricosa Swimwear Red Dots Tankini Top because it is so damn cute.
    I normally only buy swimwear with underwires cos my boobs are so big, but that tankini is too cute to refuse.

  • Lucretia

    I would choose the Capriosca Swimwear Red Dots Tankini Top because it think it would give me the confidence I need to get out and swim with my kids instead of sitting on the sidelines and missing out on life.

  • Caromello

    I would choose the Capriosca Swimwear Kimberley Swimdress because I have a Humpty Dumpty figure (as my husband calls it!!!) big tummy and no butt or thighs and I think the skirt would be a fantastic way to cover up the ‘gape’ I always have at the top of my thighs when I wear swimmers/briefs. I have never owned a pair because of this reason and always wear shorts – yuck. This would be beautiful and I would be so excited to wear it !!!

  • Annie

    I would choose the capriosca swimwear mandalay tankini. It’s a beautiful colour, (cool blues) and chlorine resistant, perfect when you live in the desert and only have access to a pool…and apparently would look beautiful on my ‘awesome’ body, so my husband tells me. Bless him!

  • Rxoss

    I would love the Capriosca Swimwear Jet One Piece Chlorine Resistant because I am currently training for a charity event (https://www.facebook.com/GO60Walk) and need these to train. Awesome! go60walk@gmail.com Renee

  • I would choose the Red Dots Tankini Top because it fits in with my rockabilly ascetic. It is too cute!

    obsidian tears 8 3 a t gma il do tcom

  • Jo {Chickens & Bees}

    I’d be grabbing the Capriosca Chlorine Resistant Boyleg Pant in Black and the matching black Swing Tankini Top. I find it really difficult to buy swimwear. I have a smaller bust and finding a top to fit is hard! They need to make them all with adjustable straps. 🙂

  • I would choose the Capriosca Swimwear Black Flouncy Bandeau One Piece because it’s a hot pair of swimmers and practically an outfit – would look great in the water or with a maxi/pair of harem pants at a bar (preferably in The Maldives, or maybe at least North Queensland where I live!)

  • Tracey Fermaner

    I would choose the capriosca black swim dress because it will hide my bumps my lovely lady bumps while highlighting my humps which deserve then best. And all this without looking like someones grandma thats gotta be good lol tfermaner297@gmail.com


    Amazing colour tankini top in your post!
    I would choose the FIESTA FLOUNCY BANDEAU ONE PIECE… It’s an amazing, vibrant colour and would hide my ‘trouble’ area helping with confidence when swimming/ at the beach. It’s also so versatile (hate strap marks but need them when swimming) AND is fab for ‘beach to bar’…just add a sarong or some beach pants!

  • I would choose the Capriosca Chlorine Resistant One Piece Splice because… a) I didn’t know that chorine resistant swimwear even existed till now, and have been majorly peeved by how quickly certain brands wear though and b) I’ve recently re-discovered swimming laps again this summer after feeling “too fat” to get into a pool for years (despite being a good swimmer when I was young). Like you, I love the mediative effect of swimming as it allows my brain some good SHUSH time following that black line…

  • Fiona Arthur

    I would choose the Capriosca Swimwear Red Dots Tankini Top and bottoms because they look glam and I’m in the pool at least once a week with the kids and no swimmers have so far lasted more than a term at a time! Thanks for the great comp! Crosslef@hotmail.com

  • Emma

    I would pick the Black White swim dress. I’m not confident in my skin especially when it comes to the pool or beach. I have 2 beautiful kids and we are going away to the Gold Coast in April. I don’t want to miss out on the fun stuff anymore and would love to build my confidence up again.

  • Jennifer P

    Hi Melissa,
    I would choose the Capriosca Aqua Bow One Piece that you wore last year, as I fell in love with that one then and have lusted after it ever since, but there has always been something else to buy before gorgeous swimmers especially when you have kids and a mortgage and I am sure I don’t have to say anything more.. I have also started a pool exercise routine two weeks ago here in Brisbane after the heat we have had, and my saggy, baggy in the behind, black one piece is certainly not putting me in any good place when I jump in the deep end! Thank you for the chance to win a new pair!

  • Yolly K

    I would choose Capriosca Swimwear Sumatran Forest Bandeau Swimsuit because in this piece there is no way that I’m going to cover myself from head to toe in a towel sheet in fear that someone may be watching me disrobe and belly flop into the pool. Uh, uh!! In this swimsuit, all eyes will be on me for all the right reasons – I’m young, I’m gorgeous and I’m wearing a super fine and sexy swimsuit! And yes, I’m going to swim with confidence!! Mwah to you Suger! You’re a legend!! Love your blog!!

  • Claire Wolczak

    I would choose the Capriosca Crossover One Piece Emerald because I deserve it and NEVER win anything xx

  • Love Penelope

    I’d go with the blue polka dot tankini and red boyleg shorts because they remind me of the pinup aesthetic and I love that I could wear something that awesome to the (heated) pool.

  • Karma Lewis

    Great post, just what I needed to get me feeling happy about my swim this afternoon! 🙂
    Ever since I got the hot tip from a certain blogger about sequins and sand swimwear I have been lusting over the Capriosca Chlorine Resistant One Piece Splice, I love this because it’s simple, chlorine resistant and looks quite stylish. I have recently gotten back into swimming laps for exercise and fun and I have been wearing a cheap kmart one piece, as a bigger gal it is quite hard to stay confident and keep up with my new swimming routine. Hopefully will be adding some of the beautiful swimmers to my life soon, thanks for the opportunity to enter your competition 🙂
    lusty_lashes@hotmail.com x

  • Sarah Collins

    Love the Sumatran Forest print everything! But would probably go with the swimdress as it doesn’t look like the others go up to a 26 lol. I’ve been needing new swimmers for ages but never bought any, and needing some for aquanatal classes I want to try. Even if I don’t win will probably buy some anyway!

  • murphy scanlon

    That orange Tankini top is such an amazing colour! And your local pool is adorable – my local is scummy 🙁
    I’m entering for the heck of it!

    My bf hurt his back a few months ago and he’s been told he can’t go to the gym anymore. I’ve been trying to find new ways for him to exercise and swimming is an amazing alternative. That being said:
    I would choose the Capricosa Summer Roses Bikini Top & Blue rouched Bottoms so I can look like a babe and use my sexiness to persuade my bf to do a few more laps 😉

  • Emma Hinchliff

    I would choose the Capriosca Swimwear Red Dots Tankini Top and bottom because it’s a pretty amazing bathing suit that would help me get back into swimming training and look pretty darn cute at the same time!!! hinchliff.e@hotmail.com 😉

  • mighty maz

    mmm just gorgeous & so nice to see a plus sized swimwear in COLOURS I’d just have to have the floral Capriosca Swimwear Summer Roses Bikini top – I think they may just be a match for my ‘wondrous bust’ & some of ruched high pants to keep my modesty intact (mazmorton7@gmail.com)

  • Kace

    I would choose the Capriosca Swimwear Rouge Chlorine Resist Tankini Top because: 1) It is simple, bright, cheerful! 2) I plan to swim at my local indoor centre during the cooler months this year to work on my fitness & for my own general wellness, so a chlorine resistant suit would be ideal! 3) I took my old swimsuit on holidays with me last week to Queensland and the chlorine from the pools has ruined the colouring in mine, so I’m in the market for a new one!


  • I would choose the “Capriosca Swimwear Chlorine Resistant Ruched High Pant + Capriosca Swimwear Black Bandeau Bikini Top” because I’ve been looking for the perfect black ruched fatkini set since my son flushed my Rue107 fatkini down the toilet in a fit of curiosity.

  • Jane

    Well I would choose the Capriosca Swimwear Turkish Delight Tankini Top with black ruched bottom because apart from being cute, there’s nothing worse than stripping entirely naked when you have to relieve yourself! With a two piece problem solved!….and secretly I’m partial to anything related to Turkish delight 😉 (jmah75@aapt.net.au)

  • Meghan A

    The Capricosa Hello Sailor tankini is super cute. I’d love to rock it on the beach son!

    • Sorry Meghan, according to the time stamp you were just a smidge too late. The giveaway closed at 5pm.


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