Where to buy plus size bras that don’t suck is a guide born from a reader question. Or as I like to call them, a “lord help me, where the freaking hell do they keep the good stuff” shout out. With bras on her mind, the most recent inquiry came via Tess. She lamented the lack of decent t-shirt bras just as much as she wanted a hot little number for those (woot woo) special occasions. Hello Tess, don’t we all!

So I did what a reasonable blogger would do and went on a bear hunt for bears. I left no stone unturned and no obstacle unconquered. I sought out the best that are on offer and out them all here in one handy guide. Don’t you just love a where to buy style post? I know I do. Happy shopping!

miss scarlett did - where to buy plus size bras - suger coat it

Miss Scarlett Did It

The first time I came across this concierge of women’s lingerie was at The Curvy Couture Runway. The array of women in all colours, styles, cuts and shapes of underwear turned my head faster than the time I went walking past Lord of the Fries for the first time.

Bright and sexy was the feel of the collected items and bright and sexy is just what you can expect when you head over to the store. And if the new lookbook I saw a sneak peek of on Instagram is anything to go by, the upcoming season is an exciting one. Be there, especially if you’re in Melbourne and can go in for a fitting! Shop Miss Scarlett Did It here.

city chic - where to buy plus size bras - suger coat it

City Chic

Recently I showed off the corset on the left in a post where I wore it as outer-wear. Side note, I’m sure you will agree that Margaret is wearing the HECK out of it. But enough about Margaret (woot woo) let’s talk about how 80% of my bras are from City Chic. Literally.

I’ve found that the way they make bras is a perfect fit for me. I tried them on in store and from there I haven’t stopped. T-shirt bras, the fancy gifted items (left and second from right in the collage) mean that they cover the whole spectrum. That’s a good thing. A girl needs some excitement in her life and City Chic seem to keep on bring it. Shop City Chic online here.

Big Girls Dont Cry Australia - where to buy plus size bras - suger coat it

Big Girls Don’t Cry

Anytime we talk about bras in the plus sizes (or larger cup sizes) this shop comes up over and over again. Big Girls Don’t Cry have been responsible for a number of readers best bra days ever. Their fitting service, by all accounts, is second to none and they will have you in a great bra, in the right size, before you know it. When I saw these images online I decided it was time to take another look for myself, that red bra second from the left, well it’s in my cart and come payday, it’s mine! Join the fun, shop Big Girls Don’t Cry.

Lane Bryant - where to buy plus size bras - suger coat it

Lane Bryant – Cacique Lingerie

Recently upping their ship to Australia game (finally), this opened up a whole new world for those of us who are still a little shy of use mail forwarders. Lane Bryant offers a comprehensive range of bras to cover every need you could have. Sports bras, t-shirt bras, lacy little something-something… Whatever you are looking for you will find it here. And by all account, this is an affordable way to expand your everyday lacies collection. Shop Lane Bryant here.


where to buy plus size bras that dont suck - suger coat it

So there you go ladies! A little something for everyone. Happy shopping, and let me know, where do you pick up YOUR bras from? 

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