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I’m currently obsessed with Australian Margaret Zhang. You follow her blog or Instagram right? Well heck, if not, get your butt over there. Her images and the way she layers clothing in such unique, fresh ways is something I can’t get enough of. I’m a stalker of her feed, short version, and it’s starting to seep into the way I get dressed.

So much so I wore underwear as a top.

Seriously. It happened, I wore this new City Chic Lingerie corset because I’d committed to some Instagram photos for the brand and wanted to give it a whirl before sharing. You know, in case it sucked to wear and I hated it or something. The short version is it didn’t suck and after wearing it a little while I felt confident enough to undo a few buttons of my Yours Clothing sheer maxi… And hey presto an underwear as outerwear outfit was born.

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You can blame it on Margaret. Seriously. Haha. But in the end it’s slouch on a whole other level. The sheer layers reminded me of Liv and her killer ability to rock sheer with coloured bras. The pants from 17 Sundays have always called to me for the way they layer so beautifully, easy to wear and yet so cool (and apparently sold out, sorry team).

This is my winter style this year. Easy layers, lots of monochrome. Sleeveless if I want… Luckily I’m a Queenslander. And underwear as a top apparently. What can I say, sometimes you have to try something new. And I’m glad I did. Got to get out of your comfort zone sometimes right? Life’s too short.

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WEARING: City Chic Lingerie Corset (complete the set here *affiliate links*), Yours Clothing Sheer Maxi, 17 Sundays Pants and Ankle Boots from New Look via ASOS.

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