Talking about shopping bras, during a Stay at Home directive? Come on Suger, what are you thinking. I know, that’s what some of you must be thinking, but this update to an older where to buy plus-size bras post has been in the works for a while now. And while there is plenty of bra-free time going on with a lot of us may all be working from home, for some of us going bra-free is actually the less comfy option. So, that’s why.

Now, onwards.

This Where To Buy Plus-Size Bras guide is a little different in that YOU gave me the names of places you love to shop for bras. It didn’t matter if they were everyday bras or something a little fancier, I wanted to know. And BOY, did you guys deliver. It took me ages to wade through your suggestions and select online plus-size bra retailers who offered a decent size range in both band and cup size. That’s what we have here. Click through to see the range on either the header text or the image for each brand.


Let’s take a closer look at these bras, shall we?

Big Girls Don't Cry

This Queensland-based retailer came up over and over again in the comments thanks to their strong online presence and successful retail space. And for good reason, they stock a large range of bras with inclusive sizing in most ranges for every occasion. A one stop shop with online fitting available. Win! 

City Chic

For a while now my everyday t-shirt bra style bra has been my go-to. I have one in black and one in nude and off we go. I’ve never really paid much attention to the lingerie side of things, but WHOA, this season they have amped up that side of things with everything from racy to lacy. Woot woo.

My Cup Runneth Over

They’ve re-invented sizing so you can marry your body proportions with your bust proportions for a perfect fit. This range of lounge wear styled bralets and more are the perfect upgrade for your around the house underwear. 

Not Just Bras

Recommended by raving fans, Not Just Bras is a shopping destination with a strong online presence like a lot of these amazing boutiques. Shop a large range of bras and more at this impressive one-stop shop. 


A revised addition to the list (thanks Bec) I went back and added Berlei who offer bras training from size 8A to a 26H. To be honest, I’ve flagged two brass in particular here that I want to try for everyday bras. They look great! It’s been a long time since I considered Berlei, if you’re like me, maybe take a second look. 

Savage X Fenty

I mean, one word, RIANNA. This increasingly size inclusive (across more and more of the product lines with each release) Savage X Fenty is hot, hot, hot. And you’d be forgiven for thinking it was all just longer style pieces, but no, it’s got a strong everyday branch too. Worth a look even if you only end up following them on Instagram. HOT. 

Rose & Thorne

I couldn’t say it better than they say it themselves; “Rose & Thorne is lingerie made simple. When we started this label, we knew that buying bras could be costly, time consuming and often uncomfortable for many women. So we set out to change the entire lingerie experience.” I’m so here for that, make sure you check them out. 

Brava Lingerie

Another fan favourite, Brava Lingerie came up time and time again on all the socials. You guys love their range and fit as well as the reliability. And I can’t argue with that! When buying a bra online it’s nice to know that when you measure you’re going to get something that works for you.

Tutti Rouge

Featuring plenty of customer sourced images throughout their socials, Tutti Rouge will give you a genuine feel for how these items will look on you. Correct me if I’m wrong, but these look seriously soft and comfy, while being sexy as hell. Right? Gorgeous. 

Lisa's Lacies

Boutique bra shopping looks good at Lisa’s Lacies. Fans tell me they have two stores and that the online site is the perfect compliment to that. And I can see why! A stunning range of not only bras and underwear great you, but a lot of speciality items for maternity or cancer-treatment needs. There is heart here, you can tell. Love that. 

There you go! Where to buy Plus-Size Bras as recommend by YOU!

Do you have a favourite, size-inclusive brand that we missed? Leave them in the comments (links welcome too, I’ve turned them on). Happy hunting, let me know how you go.

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