Those who know me know I have loads of cousins. Like, LOADS. Which means more weddings than a person can count without making a decent effort to do so. On the weekend my cousin Felicity took her turn walking down the aisle and we rocked up to show our support. As we do. Of course, we stayed for the party as well. As we do.

I wore an ASOS Curve body con dress with sheer sleeves under the dusty pink tulle skirt Desiree made. Yeah, made. For herself. She’s so cool. It was a last-minute loan and I’m so glad I wore it. It was really something special for a special day. The shoes are from New Look via ASOS. They are part of the wide fit range which I’m LOVING because when they arrive they always, always fit. Love that.

A big, second thanks has to go to Desiree again because she did my hair and makeup for the wedding as well. She did such a beautiful job and nailed my ‘pinkish, glowy natural’ vibe that I was going for. Don’t you think? And the braids were the perfect option to deal with my hair having a crazy day. I loved it. Check it out.

Apparently I love a good silly face when the camera is pointed at me at the moment. Or it might be the wine. Which yes I’m drinking in a jar through a straw. I’m fun like that. Silly faces however makes sharing outfit photo details pretty tricky. Not to mention the makeup and hair. Le sigh. What can you do? Maybe we should move on to some cute photos of my brother, sister and I. Yes. We’ll do that.

Enough of our mugs, what about the wedding right? Well I have a few snaps I took with my iPhone at the ceremony to share. I also pinched a team photos of my siblings and I and our Uncle so you can see what a good-looking bunch we are. Haha. What can I say, we scrub up well. Enjoy the sneak peek!


Congratulations Flick and James! Thanks for having us. 

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