You all know that it rained here for about two weeks straight, right? Well, in the middle of all that there was a wedding. A beachside wedding. A wedding that was moved indoors because of sideways crazy-ass rain! My cousin’s wedding. She married her partner of ten years in a small ceremony. It was perfect.

Don’t you think that things like that are sent to remind us that marriage never goes your way all the time? That it’s a preparation of sorts to learn to be flexible and open to change and compromise? I do. I think that’s why it’s such good luck to have it rain on your wedding day. You get the lesson long before the rest of us do.

But what does one wear to such an event? At the last minute, I changed my mind from the outfit I had planned to this one I borrowed from fellow Queenslander Christine of the CC Bloom Blog. Both from ASOS are a perfect combination of stylish and simple. And the print of the dress just happened to work with my ankle boots which was an important advantage after I’d ditched my heels out of fear of an ankle injury or faceplant.

There’s something perfect about a printed, simple dress for a wedding right? And would you look at that, no black! Go me.




Patterned Swing Dress – ASOS Curve
Grey Slouch Trench Coat – ASOS Curve
Boots – Bare Foot Tess


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