Look at that. It’s Tuesday already and I’ve spent the last few nights {and one day} trying to edit a video with no success. Less than no success. I was probably 80% complete when the program insisted on crashing constantly and ended up corrupting the file.

Excellent. This is exactly what I pay you a billion dollars a month for Adobe. Thanks so much.

Do you ever have days like that? I know I do. With this video making business, they seem to come more frequently. Have a mentioned before there’s SO much to learn? I did. Awesome. YouTube, you’re killing me here!

And as good as it would be awesome to flip off my laptop and pout on the couch, I won’t. Because if there’s one thing I’ve learned in this lifetime, it’s that you can’t help such things. You can’t help it and you may as well do something anyway. Create, if you wanted to create.

So, instead, I’m writing this little post.

Because being a creator of things is hard, sometimes. It can feel like you’re all alone in the world. Especially when things aren’t working. It can feel like you’re the only one that shitty things happen to. The only one who loses hours of work, hits refresh instead of saving, delete instead of close or clears a memory card before saving.

Good news? It’s not just you. It’s something that we creators have in common. Whether we write, blog, take photographs, attempt to make YouTube videos or paint, we are alike in our shared experiences. The highs and lows of making something for the world to consume. Sometimes, creating is a lonely thing but it doesn’t have to be.

Just open that browser, uncap that pen or wheel out the easel {is that a thing? I don’t know} and share what it is you’re doing. Creators and appreciators will show up. The community will make itself know to you and share in your challenge or your success. They’ll drag you back from the customer support line for Adobe too, if you ask them.

Do you need me to do that for you?

It’s fine, I’m fine. iMovie has ridden in on it’s very slow, kind of glitchy white horse to save the day. I’ll get this video made one day. So, I’ve got some time for you. What do you need right now as a creator? How can I help you get there? Clear the air, share your success, whatever it is. I’d love to hear.

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash
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