This year Hubby and I have been married for 9 years. Our anniversary in August is creeping up on us and will be here before we know it. Instead of talking love and sharing and relationships again today I’m sharing something else… Something that we have been cooking up for a while now. It is about time to share our plans for our Vegas re-wedding!! Yup. Me, him, whoever can make the trip and one fat Elvis in a chapel somewhere. It’s happening folks.

What started as a joke about having more fun at my NEXT wedding has developed into a full-blown idea for a vow renewal. I wanted to have fun, lots of it at my next wedding. The first time Hubby and I were married we were young by most people’s standards and I was still a perfectionist seeking everyone’s approval. The planning and negotiating was a nightmare for someone like me. I remember getting to the end of the wedding day and being exhausted, tired, emotional.

I love my husband, our wedding was beautiful and I enjoyed the time there, but I wanted something different. I wanted fun. I wanted us to be able to dance all night, making out on the dance-floor with champagne in hand. I wanted everything I missed out on due to this overwhelming sense of loyalty to an age old idea of weddings that I didn’t even know then I could say no to.

So where better to have a vow renewal with the focus on fun and frivolity than in the city that never sleeps? Perfect. My thoughts exactly. So what have we got organised so far? Nothing. My cousin spoke to a travel agent last year who basically said calm your horses, it’s too soon and sent us on our way to save our pennies.

Which we sort of have been doing. Kinda of. We both may need second jobs. Sign carrier maybe?


The loose plan is that we fly into Vegas, see some sights, get re-wedding-ed about day 2 or 3 and then spend the rest of the week partying and checking out the strip. There’s a chance we’ll extend to visit LA or San Fransisco but no concrete plans as yet. It’s about the budget folks. I think this is one trip I won’t be able to leave Hubby at home for. Haha.

My must-haves though are an adorable, short white dress with cleavage {classy, right?} and some killer heels. I want Elvis to preside over the ceremony and I would love to see Hubby wear something spunky and fun too. I want lots of great photos {I’ve been trying to sweet-talk our wedding photographer into joining us for the trip} taken in fun and interesting places with loads of colour and light.

But what I’d really, really, REALLY like is to win the lotto and do the whole thing first-class. Haha. Then of course because every re-wedding needs a honeymoon, we would finally make it to Italy to see our friends who have given up all hope of us EVER seeing their home in the hillside. I’d probably stay there for a month or two just soaking up the slow-down goodness and kicking Lisa’s butt into finishing her book. Dreams. All the beautiful dreams.


So keep your fingers crossed for me, this is one dream I might even buy a lotto ticket in the hopes of. Or if you’ve got a spare bundle of cash under your bed, send it my way! Until then it’s just over 12 months until we head to Vegas to renew our vows. YAY. Lots of planning and saving and ideas to put together before then. And never mind the fact that we have plans this year for some big changes to our backyard… We’ll get there. We always do.

Tell me is there something we MUST do or see while we are there? Were you married in Vegas? By Elvis? Can we swap lives?  

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