I’m okay with heels. Happy to wear them and often do but when the ‘powers that be’ said the humble sneaker was making a comeback in a big way I got a wee bit excited. Adding a sneaker to anything just makes it more relaxed, casual and cool. The more retro, the better. The more monochrome, the even better-er.

And do you know what goes perfectly with a great pair of sneakers? Other than everything. One of my favourite trends ever, sports luxe or just plain old sporty. It can be something obvious like this tank (this tunic as seen here) or is can be as subtle as a ribbed cuff on a jumper. Sneakers love sporty styling.

I found this skirt in the City Chic DFO store in Brisbane. It’s the perfect length and cut for me, and I can see it getting a lot of use in a number of ways in the future. I mean black denim acid wash, what is not to love? The contrast of the almost formal cut of the skirt with a casual (but hello structured) material makes me a happy girl indeed. It’s almost like I could wear this for work with a killer blouse and pointy shoes. You’re feeling me, right?

Until then, I’m going to bounce so you can check out the photos taken on the basketball court. Hence, the bounce thing. Sigh. Yes. That was Dad joke level lame. I’m not sorry; I’d do it again. Enjoy!

varsity city chic acid wash denim skirt plus size-2varsity city chic acid wash denim skirt plus size-7varsity city chic acid wash denim skirt plus size-3

Varsity Vest Tunic – Yours Clothing {gifted}
Acid Wash Denim Skirt – City Chic
Retro Sneakers – Adidas via eBay
Accessories – Various random spots, all cheap


varsity city chic acid wash denim skirt plus size-10

When it comes to sneakers, are you in or are you out? And Mr Suger, he’s adorable right? Work it. 

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