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Em from Geek Chic Girl loaned me this jacket back at the “Queensland Plus-Size Blogger” meet up on the Gold Coast. She hadn’t had much luck styling it, and I was gleefully rubbing my hands together at the opportunity. Home it came with me for months, and I wore it often. So often in fact I thought I’d better get it back to her before I wore that poor jacket to death.

The second last time I wore it was to grab these photos for Yours Clothing (top) and 17 Sundays (leggings). New items that had arrived that didn’t have pictures and yet NEEDED to be introduced to you fine people. Originally I’d planned to wear my white jacket. This one just seemed to be a better choice. Floral and sporty looks together? Uh huh honey.

Don’t you think? The pop of the orange is picked up in both items, and they work together well. Who can resist some large “Sporty Spice” letters on their boobs? Not meeeee! Even if I once again ordered at least a size too big in the shirt (same story as the jumpsuit, I’m afraid) and it makes it a wee bit too “blousey” for my liking. The length was my main motivator; I wanted something I could wear over these killer leggings.

Leggings that are squishing me like a sausage I’m afraid. There was a sizing issue that the team has rectified for future releases. So after a wee bit of a squish, I found that the XL was wearable. I’ a pretty standard size 22 so that should give you some idea. Size up ladies. Way up. That’s good news for our not so plus friends though, the small will be right up your alley. Check them out.

I know some creepers in the supermarket car park where we took these photos were checking them out… They heckled us the entire time we snapped these photos, even with Madame Rouge playing traffic bouncer and then followed us towards the car park when we left. Hubby laughed at the whole thing. Some protector of my virtue he turned out to be.

So there you go, behind the scenes with this fearless blog trio. It’s not overly eventful; it just involves some colourful language and flipping the bird. HA.

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Varsity Vest Tunic – Yours Clothing {size 26/28 – gifted}
Jacket – Wonderlust for The Iconic {sold out}
Leggings – 17 Sundays {size XL – gifted}
Point Toe Shoes – Emerson for Big W


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Ever borrowed an item from a friend you didn’t want to give back?

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  • Emma Hinchliff

    Hehe, it’ll always be here for you to borrow babe

  • Mel Watson

    Ooooh smoking in this outfit Mel! Love it, I also think the balance of the top and leggings is perfecto. What a shame you have to give the floral bomber back! It’s an iconic Suger piece if you ask me! =)

    • Thaaaaaanks Mel. Leggings and tunics are so easy and comfortable. An easy started wardrobe for anyone.

      I know right? Darn that whole giving stuff back thing. Haha.

  • Nadine

    Why not swap the top and pants for their correct size.

    For me a well fitting piece in imperative – it doesn’t matter what brand it is, or how much I paid, if it fits well it looks so much better.

    The leggings are a great design but they look painful. They seem to be pulling across your legs all the way down. I hope they have a little give in them.
    Again great top but it’s soooooooo big on you.

    But if your happy who cares what I think!!

    • I’ve already passed the leggings on to a friend who will get lots of use out of them for sure. And the top, well I have plans to crop that baby! The leggings do have give in them and were comfortable enough to wear, but someone smaller than me would get more use out of them and they’d look better so off they went.

  • Olivia

    OMG stop it. You know you need that jacket. We must track you down one! xx
    (and sausage leggings ahahahahahhaa!)

    • Haha. I know, right? Neeeed. I should’ve kept it but Em wanted my black pleather one as a swap and I just couldn’t! 😉

      A wee bit squishy on me for sure! Mel has them for now, you’re welcome to them if you want to give them a go too. Pass the pants.

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