Look it was a craving thing. For days and days, all I could think of was a salty and satisfying soup with parcels of delicious and comforting wontons. I wanted something rich in flavour but reliable like home. I wanted something filling and comforting, but light in this heat. I searched the interwebs for recipes. I asked on Facebook. Piece by piece I built a recipe base and then, I gave it a shot…

Thermomix friends, get your machine, your steamer lid thingy and the basket as well. Probably the spatula as well. If you’re making them without a Thermomix you’ll need some large saucepans and a food processor. I’m sure you’re able to adapt my Thermie method to make it work on the stove, but as a bonus tip from our friends over at the House of Chaos cook your wonton separately to the broth and veggies. Apparently, the starch will do weird things to it.

So are you ready? Let’s check out the photos and the recipe is below. I wanted to say first that it was surprisingly easy to make. I was worried about sticking the wontons together and all that. But it’s easy. Give it a try! Soooo lots of pin in now buttons or the share at the button if there’s a problem with them which happens sometimes. Save this one for later on folks, it’s a good one.


Serves 4 generously.


1 x chicken breast
{I also added leftover crab meat to ours – yum!}
1 x tbsp ginger {2-3cm knob}
1 x tbsp garlic {2-3 cloves}
1 x tbsp coriander {or to taste}
1 x tspn sesame oil
1 x egg white
1 x tbsp cream {not necessary}
1 x packet wonton wrappers


1-2 x cups fresh chopped veggies
{i.e. carrots, shallots, Asian greens}
1-2L + chicken stock/broth*
1 x tspn garlic
1 x tspn ginger
1 x tspn sesame oil

* For the chicken stock on this occasion I purchased a salt reduced stock from my local greengrocer. It’s delicious and fast when you are ready and raring to go with a recipe but don’t have stock pastes on hand. Thermomix standard cookbooks have recipes for stock and I’ve found this chicken stock paste great in the past. Making your own is great, it tastes better and is awesome. But let’s face it, sometimes that just doesn’t work out.



  1. Prepare the wonton filling by first mincing the chicken breast {crab meat if adding}, herbs, sesame oil, egg white and cream.
  2. Pulse on turbo, 5 times for a 1 or 2 at a time. There is a photo of the consistency above for reference.
  3. Put a ball of the filling into the centre of your wonton wrapper. Use water to pinch them together to seal. Don’t overfill them, easy does it, Tiger.
  4. Place the formed wonton’s into the steamer {both layers} and set aside.
  5. Now to the broth… Place the garlic, ginger and sesame oil and pulse on turbo. Scrap down the sides.
  6. Add the stock {or water and stock paste} to the bowl. Start with a litre and top it up later if you need to.
  7. Place the lid on and put the steamer into place.
  8. Cook on Veroma temp, stirring or level 1, for 15 minutes.
  9. Place the cut vegetable into the basket and cook for another 5 minutes or until done. At this stage, you could also add additional noodles that have been soaked in hot water to the basket as well. I didn’t. I just made extra wonton, they’re my favourite. Haha.
  10. You’re done! Put the whole thing together and serve. YUM.


Right! So there you go, not too shabby for a first attempt. Though my wontons ended up a little on the dry side {hence the cream added back into the recipe that I had omitted} and I completely overcooked my veggies {also corrected above}. But all in all, it was a delicious soup and just what I had been hoping for. Craving sorted. Mmmm. Now to use the other half of the batch {serves four, we are only two} for pot stickers. YUM.

The original recipes for this post were pinned to my Fooding & Drinking – Thermomix board on Pinterest. I used a combination of two plus a stock recipe to combine for this one. YUM. Let me know if you’ve found any great recipes that would suit the board {using a Thermomix or easily adapted} and I’ll pin them. We use our girl a lot for smoothies and juices, blending and baking, I’m looking for more meal ideas. So hook a Suger up!

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