Time flies when you’re having fun and tonight we’ve scheduled the final episode of Season Three of the Suger + Ink podcast. Phew. Done and done. 

There were 10 episodes in this season. Samara and I are pretty proud of that. In the past, we’ve certainly tapered off and lost our mojo just when it looked like we were hitting our stride. Frustrating as that is, we both have busy lives, and coordinating two busy women for up to three hours every week or two is hard work. Not to mention the time it takes to edit, upload and promote each episode.

Blah blah, you know how it is, right? Haha. But all that aside, this year we had a plan. During June/July Samara is super busy with the CEO Sleepout with her work at Vinnies. This year we had recorded all ten episodes leading up to this busy time for her, with a plan to start recording again in early August.

I can’t believe how much time flies!

It’s almost time to start up again. It’s crazy how fast this year is going by. It may have taken me a while to edit and upload the final episodes but we made it! Things changed; Samara got married this year, we talked about the baby thing and I tackled the bigger vision for my business. It was 100% hustle, and we made it.

Because I requested we add video this year, we tried to film at least two episodes at a time, aiming to talk at least once a week. This didn’t always go to plan, but in the months leading up to May, we made it work and managed some great content. If I do say so myself. We covered off on life, love, and a whole heaping helping of social media stuff.

Since Samara moved on from her blog to a photography side-hustle business, it didn’t make much sense to talk about clothes anymore. Though, I’ve been known to show off my Rebel Soul Collective shirts on occasion. Haha. We’re not sure where we will take it during season four, but I’m excited to find out.

I hope you’ll join us!

Check out past episodes on YouTube, Soundcloud and iTunes. I think you’ll love it! 

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