*this post contains raving over a gifted item

Heya team. I’ve devised a new strategy for getting more outfit photos on the blog more often. It’s this white wall. The light is always pretty good and it means Mr Suger and I go driving around less so we are more likely to actually do it.

And we all remember the first Suger dress, right? When that happened I pretty much felt like I’d made it. As you do. Here was this really cool dress and it was named after me. Awesome. So when the team told me that they were reworking it and releasing it again. I was super excited. Suger 2.0. And it’s in black (like here even though it looks navy) and white and the white larger stripe with navy.

And with sneakers, perfection.

I’ve been talking to a lot of folks on Facebook and Instagram who are asking about sizing. Now. I’m wearing the large and when I first wear it, it fits like this. After a little bit of wear, it gives a bit and gets a little slouchier. So a medium would’ve been fine (more so if I was shorter). A lot of the ladies ARE sizing down, so keep that in mind. And now, some photos!

suger tee dress 17 sundays suger tee dress 17 sundays suger tee dress 17 sundays suger tee dress 17 sundays

Wearing the Suger Tee Dress by 17 Sundays and Converse Sneakers.

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