FYI this post contains a story & giveaway about a gifted item {named after ME}.

It’s not often that I receive an email that makes me a grinning blog fool. From brands that is. Readers make me smile all the time. Brands {without sounding like an ungrateful jerk which I guess I am sort of being} fill my inbox with offers and opportunities that are mostly badly matched to my blog and create more emails to reply to. Seriously, if I get offered on more kids lunchbox or water bottle I’ll scream…

But oh yeah, the point Suger!

This one day I got an email asking if I would be okay for the dress you are looking at to be named after me! So I opened the attached images and was like derrr, if it is NOT named after me I’ll be sad. It’s comfy, it’s stripy ANDย it’s casual but could totally be dressed up. Come on. It’s practically me in a dress. No problem I said, count me in. And here we are folks, here we are. And it’s a cracker of a dress. Seriously. I’m not biased at all. {okay a little, but whatevs}.ย 

17 sundays suger tee dress on suger-7 17 sundays suger tee dress on suger-817 sundays suger tee dress on suger-917 sundays suger tee dress on suger-417 sundays suger tee dress on suger-1017 sundays suger tee dress on suger-3

I wore this dress out for a casual family dinner for my brother’s birthday. At first I was worried about being a underdressed for the venue but I added the old favourite ankle straps, some new bling and bag and I was on my way. Light makeup and natural waves completed the look. In the end it was perfect. We were sitting for a while waiting for our dinner so I was super comfortable and it didn’t crumple. Plus Hubby loved it. The material is dreamy to touch and it’s short {on me, hello 5’11 almost people} AND low cut . He thought he was in dress heaven. Haha. Double win.

Suger Oversized Tee Dress – 17 Sundays {gifted – wearing L}
Ankle Strap Sandals – Emerson for BigW
Oversized Envelope Clutch – ASOS Curve via Curvy Cartel
Necklaces {two worn as one on extender} – Curvy Cartel


17 sundays suger tee dress on suger-1117 sundays suger tee dress on suger-617 sundays suger tee dress on suger-12 17 sundays suger tee dress on suger-5

And now my Suger friends, would you like the opportunity to WIN one?

Derrr, of course. Enter using the Rafflecopter widget below.

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  • Trudes

    Oh my goodness! I absolutely love this dress, just gorgeous!

  • This is totally you in a dress Melissa … Looks great !!!!

  • Cinbec

    Please please that dress is great!

  • Sonya Coleman

    The dress…those shoes…those legs!!! Looks awesome ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Shazzy P

    That tee dress is drop down gorgeous. Perfect length. Dress it up, or wear it plain.
    OMG It even has pockets!!! 100% suits you to a Suger. Well done again 17 Sundays.

  • Emma H

    My favourite piece so far is the Fit and Flare Dress with Elbow Sleeves. It’s so comfortable to wear and makes me feel nice even when I am just at home with the kids. It fits really well and the colour is gorgeous. Would love to win the Sugar Oversize Tee Dress so I can extend my collection of 17 Sundays. I have only recently come across this brand and absolutely love it all.

  • Kylie Miller

    I have been lusting after this dress since it came out – its perfect Suger and will look amazing on anyone!

  • Kathy Johnston Kerr

    Love it!!!

  • The Suger dress. I have a -thing- for teeshirt dresses.

  • Monique Confait

    Sugar!!!!!! You are hoing to get me into so much trouble!! I’ve already spent so much money over at 17 Sundays!! That dress looks AMAZING on you!

  • Steph J

    I love the Body Con Dress with Elbow Sleeve. And I love this outfit! You look totally amazing. Are the shoes new or past season? I need them in my life. I have been looking for a comfy dress like this forever.

  • Vicki Christopher

    LOVE LOVE LOVE – I want to wear this with black leggings and flats in autumn!

  • Anne

    I love this dress! I love stripes and the casual look to this dress. Besides the Body Con Dress with Elbow Sleeve, this is another fav…dress it up, dress it down, it will look great no matter what!

  • Grace

    You look great! I love this dress and clucth as much as I love the Stud Sleeve Dolman Sweat! Xx

  • I’ve been looking at that dress but it’s always better to see something on a real person. So tempted now…

  • Liz Wylie

    I love the Hooded Drape Cardi – I could wear it everyday with so many of my outfits ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Dina D

    I’m all about comfort when it comes to dressing, and that dress sure looks comfy, not to mention pretty. And that fact that you can dress it up or down…….well, win, win!

  • You look absolutely stunning!! I have to have this dress! I started using my own personal blog again recently ( and currently spend my spare time ‘stalking’ other people’s blogs for ideas ;P Yours has to be one of my favourites so far!!!!! I love your pics too ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Olivia

    OMG! 17Sundays rock. They rock my little socks! And you look amazing in this dress- as if it could be named anything different. You were made for it! Or *ahem* it was made for you!! See what I did there?!?!

    My favourite Basic items would be a toss up between the slouch pants and the stripe body con with sleeves. Mind you, low neckline and a mini hem- I think the Suger dress would be Ben’s favourite like Kel! ahahaha! xxx

  • Pumba

    How lucky are you to have a dress named after you.
    And your description of hubbys dress heaven cracked me up.
    I love the 17Sundays fit and flare dress with elbow sleeves.

  • Megan G

    I love the Suger dress and I know it would look fab with my chesticles filling it out. My absolutely fave 17 Sundays basics piece is the fit and flare elbow sleeve dress. I fell in love with it when you discussed it on your blog for options on what to wear on new years eve. I purchased it shortly after and j’dore it!

  • Katarina

    well, this dress is pretty rad. But i also like the henley dress.

  • Jenelle Orford

    I love the new modal tshirt with cut out arm sleeve. OMG I bought one on your recommendation and I CANNOT believe how good it is. So soft and comfy, I really wish I could wear it everyday. Clearly I’m obsessed, I think I need to get out more hehehe

  • Love Penelope

    17Sundays became a favourite brand after wearing the Image Crisis Colour Blocked dress yesterday. From the basics list my must have is the Slub pants. They look so comfy and would make great weekend wear.

  • Leah Kelly

    As I said on FB, you’re looking great at the moment AND the dress is perfectly you ๐Ÿ˜‰ Oh hang on, I didn’t answer your question…. I will get back to you lol

    Eta ok the hi-lo oversized tee is my fav ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Karen

    You make this dress look gorgeous!!! Love, Love, Love it. Down here in right now in’not so sunny Melbourne’, it would go well with either jeans or leggings or a pair of those slouchy pantsโ€ฆSince seeing you wear some in a post roughly a month ago, I’ve seen them everywhere and never thought they were for me but have since bought 2 pairs, they are so so comfy.

  • MarieODesign

    As a fellow stripe lover I simply need this dress in my wardrobe. And I promise to make lots of memes of me wearing it and every time I put it on I will say “Just gettin’ my suger on.” ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Felicity

    I’ve looked at this dress over and over on the 17 Sundays web site…it must be awesome to have it named after you! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Emma Hinchliff

    I can’t believe I have a friend with a dress named after them, FREAKING AMAZING!!!! and so is the dress!!!

  • It has pockets! Sorry, I’m such a sucker for a dress with pockets! Go you getting a dress named after you! As for my fave piece from the Basic range, the slub jersey pants, I’m super lusting after them!

  • Megan

    My fave basic are my new slouch pants – love them, so comfy!

  • Meghan A

    I love this dress!

    I’m loving so much from the basic line, but I want the hooded slouch cardigan. It reminds me of my lazy uni days, but way more style!

  • Fiona

    Loving this dress! I also like the slouch jersey pants, super comfort and style.

  • Sarah Collins

    This dress was (literally) made for you! Looks awesome x

  • Jocelyn R

    The cut sleeve dress with elastic waist is my favourite from the 17 Sundays basics range. I love wearing this one around the house when I’m just having a lazy day!

  • Stephanie Thompson

    My favourite piece from the basic range is the scoop neck tees the ones that are in black and black and white stripes and the awesome striped body con dress! I love stripes too hehe ๐Ÿ™‚

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