My skin has always been troublesome, bothersome and a general pain in my butt. It comes from my father’s side, apparently. Prone to breakouts and acne that was not just saved for my teenage years. Often oily, always shiny and now that I’m older it shows signs of sun damage here or there and the occasional marks from kitchen accidents. It’s all there.

But this year I’ve had the best skin of my LIFE.

Mostly clear.

Mostly bright.

Mostly low maintenance.

Mostly awesome.

How, right? How do you get that bright glowing skin? You mentioned it, people on Facebook and Instagram. I’m not making this up. You can see it too. Because the one thing we ALL know is that without major editing {and some go to the trouble, pfft, why bother} there is no way to hide bad skin, dull eyes and lacklustre hair with an Instagram filter. You’ve either got it, or you don’t.

And how do you get it? Well here are the five things I changed this year that left my skin better than it has ever been. They are simple, straight forward and designed around advice I collected from random people who happened to overhear my complaining. It’s simple, it worked for me and in the majority of cases, it will work for you too. Medical issues aside. Ready? Let’s go.

One: I use a daily sunscreen moisturiser.

Wear sunscreen every single day. I picked up a simple moisturiser with a really high sunscreen level and I apply it every single morning whether I’m applying makeup or not. Putting a stop to additional sun damage and adding moisture to my skin leave it plump and fresh. And perhaps I can keep an extra wrinkle or two at bay for a little while.

Two: I eat my greens, lots of them.

Eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. Drink them if you need to. This year we drank green juice almost every day of the 365 days of the year. At times people have commented on my tan and the general glow of my skin. Now I don’t tan and rarely apply fake, the only thing we can put this down to is the high volume of spinach and other hearty greens I consume in the same way too much carrot turns you orange.

Three: I keep it simple.

Clean your skin thoroughly every night before bed but keep it simple. I use a simple cleansing foam in the shower and remove with a washer. After I’ve gotten out of the shower and dried off I wipe over my face with Clearasil face wipes for targeting breakouts. I don’t wear moisturiser at nights, I don’t scrub or poke or prod. I keep it simple.

Four: I like to work it, work it.

Sweat it out. Nothing does my skin better than a great workout. I come home and my face is clean, clear and rosy. I love that. By all accounts, it cleans out pores and gets the blood pumping. The nights that I cleanse my face after a workout there is much less residue on the washer than the nights when I come straight from my day. This makes cleaning my skin really simple, the sweat has already done the hard work.

Five: I’m a fish.

Drink lots of water, way more than any other beverage by three times. There are guidelines for water volumes you should drink and things like that but I find that as a large woman, who exercises regularly I drink a lot more. So add more if you need to, flushing out toxins and other gunk is the aim.

What I have learned this year and put into action have given me the confidence in my skin that I never had before. My skin being better is the foundation of that confidence and filters, makeup or good lighting are the cream on top. It’s like beauty editors have been saying since the beginning of magazine time. Healthy glows are a real thing and in the end, it doesn’t take much to cause a change.

And that my friends, is how I managed to get the best skin of my life.

Want to share your best skin secret? What works for you? Spill!

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