I mean, this post was bound to happen. As soon as we returned home from the beach, we went into self-isolation. We followed the rules and did what we needed to do. We still had some work on, but ultimately we found that in the changing world we live in that we had a little more free time on our hands. Which, if you know either Kelvin or I is a recipe for disaster.

We need stuff to do.

It only took a few days at home for me to start making lists for everything. Lists of the chores we had to do now and the wish list type jobs we had meaning to get around to for ages. Everything from household chores to what we had on for the day. I’ve been using a diary system for a while now, so I had some order. But Kel hasn’t had the need before now. 

Bit by bit the aimless wandering around the house lessened. The piles of started but not finished projects began to disappear. We used those checklists to clear our heads of the noise and get to it. (I’ve exported any we found useful and uploaded them onto the Free Downloads page, link below). It became less about achieving something or getting somewhere, and more about knowing what there was to do. 

Often, I think, we end up overwhelmed because we assume that things are worse than they actually are. For years I’ve been writing about overwhelm and how it helps me to get it out of my head. Times like these, are no exception. Whether like us, it’s just about things you would like to do. Or if you’ve got a few more things on that list that needs to be done. Either way, lean into lists. That’s my top suggestion. 

My second suggestion is naps. 

Isn’t it always? 

And I can picture those of you with kids and partners home screaming at me that SURE, SUGER, THAT WOULD BE NICE!!! But, hold on, it’s about finding some way to be quiet and let you mind rest. We are all processing a million and one things right now; you need a break. So meditate if that makes you feel better than saying you nap, or walk or stretch or lay in the bathtub. Whatever it is, do nothing and just be with the whirring in your head for a while. Hopefully, some peacefulness will be on the other side. 

And finally, because I know some of you need to hear this, you are NOT being graded on this. There is no gold star for juggling a pandemic with your hair perfectly styled, kids perfectly educated and bread baking in the oven. You do not need to be perfect and have it all together right now. 

EVER, FYI, but one thing at a time. 

Do not buy into what you see on Facebook or Instagram; the happy smiling faces and spotless homes. It’s a tiny window into the day of those people. Probably styled and most definitely not everlasting. Sure, I want you to do your best, but in the end, just making it is okay too. I know that right now that those around you are probably pretty excited to get to see more of you. Isn’t that the best? 

So, bake if you want to or learn something new. Join in science or art with the kids and make a mess. Go for a run even if you’ve never done just because, heck, who’s going to be out and about to see you try? Write, draw, dance or TikTok because when do we ever take the time to do these things usually? 

Give yourself a break, friend. 

Trust me, whatever we do, however, we do it, no matter what we are coming out of this differently. I’m almost sure that normal will never be the same again. So, take a look at how you’re living your life and make room for good things. Breathe in and out. Stay home. Wash your hands. And I’ll see you back here again sometime soon. Because look a that, I finally had something to say. Magic. 

Photo by Karim Ghantous on Unsplash


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