For my Gold Coast jaunt the team at Capriosca Swimwear decided that I needed a new pair of swimmers. And being based on the coast themselves they dropped me this cute retro suit to the apartment with a note to say enjoy, even though it’s not really beach weather. They were right, of course. The Gold Coast was a wee bit chilly AND there was this cold wind that would have done Melbourne proud.

Soooo what happened?

The indoor heated pool happened. The spa happened. Wandering around the place in them happened. These are probably the easiest to wear of any of the Capriosca Swimwear I own. And after my posts with the team at Sequins and Sand I have a number of them. The red tankini, the aqua bow front one piece and the navy bathers that were EVERYTHING when it came to swimming laps this year.

After we ate a few too many nibbles after a rather extensive lunch, the ladies all agreed that a detour to the pool would be an excellent plan instead of dinner at 8pm. So we cancelled the reservation, told everyone to meet us at the pool and dove in. I did my best to keep my hair dry because let’s face it, ain’t nobody got time to fix THAT. Mel wasn’t swimming so instead she offered grab me a couple of pics and continued to take lots of us hanging out. I love them., I think you will too. Let’s check them out, shall we!?

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And when the pool got a little chilly, we all squished into the spa. It was warm, bubbly goodness with lots of laughs and good times. I believe Liv even managed to face plant into Rachael’s chest. Fun for all ages. Well, until the fake tan starting coming off in the water, leaving streaky bubbles everywhere. Eewwww. The spa was a great change to rest our aching selves, really talk about things and prepare a game plan for the night ahead. After all, we had cancelled our dinner plans to go to the pool, the night was an open slate… Dinner at the casino at 11pm seems like a good idea at the time. And it totally was.

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Fun, right?

Check out the navy polka dot swimsuit {lots of combinations to suit everybody’s body} here.

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