We were talking about the whole wearing a dress as a top thing on Facebook this week. The blog post I wrote a while ago had made a comeback and it got me thinking; there has to be more I can do with the clothes in my wardrobe now. So, the first chance I got, in the rain and one billion percent humidity I grabbed Kel and went outside with the mission to show how this printed wedge dress (from 17 Sundays) can also be worn as a top. I even had cute hair until I went outside!

I’ve found the easiest way to pull this off, is to tuck the bottom hem of the skirt either into the waistband of the pants (or skirt) or into your bra. Then you just let it blouse over the pants or half-tuck it for a longer side look. Anyway, you get what I’m talking about. No pinning or sewing necessary, just tuck and go!

Worn as a Dress (Obviously)

Worn as a top over jeans


Hey presto; an outfit post. You’re welcome. 

Wearing 17 Sundays Harlequin Nights Wedge Dress (Size 24), 17 Sundays MILK WASH Warpaint Joggers (Size 24) and Shoes from City Chic (see similar here).

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