Here we are again talking about skirts, getting groped and getting lucky. Seriously some time I think this blog has taken on a life all of its own. The tricky thing. The Harlow Australia Scuba skirt has almost seen as much action as my 17 Sundays stripe bodycon. It’s a long running joke on Instagram that you wear that stripe bodycon and you’ll get lucky. Give it a try, you’re welcome. Haha.

Both are firm favourites with my Hubby, just quietly. Of course. For similar but different reasons. For the Scuba skirt, it’s the feeeeel of it. Soft, silky to touch and just a little bit squishy. Or maybe that’s just me, the squishy bit. Who knows but it calls to him and Desiree, Jo and Dani tell me their Hubby’s are the same way with their scuba items.

So when Harlow Australia sent a grey version down their runway at the Curvy Couture Roadshow I was absolutely certain that this baby was going straight on my wish-list. Always one to encourage a bit of a grope, of course. And of course it absolutely fits in with my plan to wear loads of black, white and grey this winter. Double win. Let’s check out the pics.

harlow australia 2014 autumn plus size-3
harlow australia 2014 autumn plus size-8 harlow australia 2014 autumn plus size-5harlow australia 2014 autumn plus size-6

So what do you think? The light layered pieces work for day or early evening while the shoes are a game changer. With ankle boots or similar this could actually turn a corner into a casual outfit. Something perfect for a dinner date {hello groping} or a night out with the ladies at a local pub. The heels could take it to work and anywhere in between.

Don’t you love the power of a pair of great shoes? Transformative.

So when putting this outfit together I noticed that the centre circle of a necklace I picked up at a recent Diva sale was almost the exact colour of the skirt. I built from there layering black and white {to incorporate the shoes} and hey presto an outfit was born.

Looking at the photos with a necklace, bomber jacket style and a reasonably modest neckline I would probably wear my hair up next time. But meh, you live you learn. I tell you what, one thing about photographing so many of your outfits on a regular basis is it give you time to cast a critical eye over them for improvements.

Give it a go at home, snap a pic in a full length mirror {or have someone take one} and look them over every now and again. Stop looking at your body, your face and how you always manage to look a wee bit goofy and really look at the outfit. What works, what doesn’t, what works but would you do differently? Train the fashionista eye of yours folks, you’ll be glad you did.

harlow australia 2014 autumn plus size-2 harlow australia 2014 autumn plus size-4

Quilted Bomber Style Jacket – {UK24}
Tunic T-Shirt – Target
Necklace – Diva
Wet’nWild Scuba Skirt in Steele – Harlow Australia {gifted – Size 20}
Shoes – Emerson for BigW {in store now}


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