Animal print and I don’t really like each other much. We like each other very little actually. There was a moment there thanks to a fabulous peplum and some killer heels I thought I might get past it… But not.  Last time this theme came around I managed to use a snakeskin sort of print and give myself a bit of a woohoo, done! So I was ready to sit out.

Then this baby arrived.

This horse print, linen-blend baby from Forever21+, I mean. Right. Close enough, I was back in the game. Then when we were heading out and talking about places to grab the photos, Hubby suggested the local horse and rodeo grounds. It turns, it was perfect! Hello moderately sexual type signs. Hello beautiful tree grass and blue skies. Hello jump out of the car, snap some shots and go.

plus size casual outfit horse print-4plus size casual outfit horse print 002plus size casual outfit horse print-13

You might notice that I’m wearing booties IN SUMMER. Yup. I did. It happened. I’ve been resisting all season long after seeing some killer ankle boots with a light summer dress and slouchy hat. All very well and good, I thought, but clearly they are not in Queensland. I held out as long as I could {you know I LOVE booties, right?} but I had to TRY and make my boots do double duty.

And just quietly, it totally works.

Sure it’s not as cool as flips flops {thongs, jandals, whatever you call them} but neither are flats. I probably prefer my clog type sandals in terms of summer heat comfort but on a day like today, late afternoon and a cool change moving in. It’s totally possible. Doable and comfortable even. A booties win if I ever saw one. Even in Queensland.

plus size casual outfit horse print-15 plus size casual outfit horse print 001 plus size casual outfit horse print-5 plus size casual outfit horse print-17

Easy-Rider Linen Blend Top – Forever 21+
Necklace – Lovisa {2011}
Wet & Wild Scuba Skirt – Harlow Australia {gifted}
Booties – Bare Foot Tess


plus size casual outfit horse print-19


Heehee. Dirty mind.



    WOW! WOW! WOW!

  • Kathy Johnston Kerr

    Love the last pic! Cheeky lol

    • Me toooo! Haha. I was goofy off with the sign for ages. I think Hubby and I need a hobby. 😉

  • If I can get away with SPACE WOLF you can get away with horses.

    Can I say that you always look a million bucks in that scuba skirt?! Fantastic on you!

    • Baaahaha. Indeed. And thank you muchly! I love this skirt. I can’t wait until winter to drag it out every second day or so again. 😉

  • SpiikerKat

    I love this outfit, you look incredible and the booties work awesomely!
    Last pic, so cheeky, love it!

  • Jooles Muniak

    That skirt is hot! You look great.

  • I usually go straight past “leather” skirts whenever they have them at CC, but the awesomeness of this outfit might have me consider trying one on next time!

    • Worht a go for sure. I’ve found this one REALLY useful throughout winter and even now occasionally in the cooler days of summer. It’s not leather or pleather though, it’s a stretch, fairly lightweight fabric that LOOKS like leather. Pretty awesome.

  • One of your best shoots! Love the horsies! I am completely loving that top too, good one. That sign reminds me of the B&S ute stickers my brothers mates’ used to have!

  • Haha, you are adorable! That last photo!! Love these photos so much, and of course that outfit. That shirt looks so cool and comfortable!

    • HA! Thaaaaanks Nat. I have about 5 photos of me giggling at the sign and a dozen or so more of blurry ones because Kel is giggling at me giggling at the sign. We are SUCH grown ups. 😉

  • flashionaffair

    Okay so I just looked at the pictures this week but my oh my are you incredibly gorgeous in these photos!!

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