Oh man, long torso problems. Raise your hand if you’re with me. Body suits, overalls, swimsuits, jumpsuits and onesies, a minefield of camel toes and straining proportions. It’s the curse of the long torso’ed. But if you’re determined like me you do your best to circumvent this wee complication and get on with things.

I size up for extra length. I know the actual measurements of the length of my body for size charts. No that it’s ever listed. And I have been known to stand in the crotch of swimmers, pull the straps towards the ceiling and stretch them out. No recommended for garment longevity. But it works.

So when I ordered this bodysuit from Boohoo.com I wasn’t surprised to note it was a wee bit short in the body, even sized up to the 24. The bottom half of this suit is nice and stretchy, and mine is loose which allows for a very 8o’s-esque high cut look to make the whole thing work. Even if it’s more of a cropped wrap than it’s meant to be making it a little more boobie than I’d normally wear.

And that’s my point ladies and gents. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. No shirt on the planet gives “the tuck” a cleaner line than a bodysuit. So get a little creative long torso friends and see what you can make work. I mean, outfits like this cool hanging out and being awesome one, are worth putting in a little effort for.

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Bodysuit from Boohoo.com Plus, shirt and denim skirt from 17 Sundays (now in MYER)and sneakers are New Balance via ASOS.com.