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My love of all things summer isn’t hard to pick up on. And for me a love of summer means a love of the beach and a love of the beach means a love of all things swimwear! I’ve had some good pairs, some great pairs and some ordinary pairs.

Surania Design approached me and asked if I’d like to make myself a custom suit using their website… I thought about it for long enough to consider that it would yet again mean shoving my swimwear clad self on the blog and said yes! A custom swimsuit, made in my size, in the material of my choosing… I said heck yes. And here we are.

How’d you do that? I had a voucher code so I could work my way through the site and experience it like an actual customer. I had mulled over my purchase for days before I made up my mind. Luckily you can create sets and save them for later. In the end, I went with the fixed tankini and high, high cut bottoms in the brightest colours ever. I’m sort of kicking myself I didn’t order the halter neck or one of the ones with underwire. Maybe next time.

From there, you either enter your measurements or size {including cup size}. I went with the 22’s as usual and the D cup. That was a wee bit of a mistake. I wear a DD so I should have ordered the E cup (derrr Melissa). But other than that when the suit arrived the fit was true to my usual sizing. The adjustable straps saved me a little though even if there is a bit of sport bra’esque squish going on.

So how are they? The quality is good. The pieces are both beautifully made and lined in all the important places. You would normally expect to pay more for the whole novelty favour of choosing your colours and mixing and matching style, but you don’t. As far as plus-size swimwear goes it’s pretty on par.

What about the time it takes and all that? I found the whole process went really smoothly and surprising fast. Now it’s not your usual pop to the shops and grab some swimmers time frame, obviously. But I was surprised by how quickly they arrived. I received an email at each step along the way, but no more than 3 or 4 from memory (let’s face it, any more and it’s too many).

Am I glad I went super bright? Yes, I am. I have a lot of coloured swimsuits, but none of them were patterned or printed. I love them, and I love that they will mix and match with my black and red tankini from last year too.

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 Start creating your custom swimsuit now at

(save it for later if you’re not ready to buy, it’s loads of fun!)

  • Yessss… waiting for this review. Are they the highest the bottoms go? And is that the longest the top goes? #longtorsoproblems

    • Haha. I hear you lady. I think it is as long as the tops go, though maybe if you go into the more specific measurements section there will be a length one. I did enter my height as part of the basic measurements side of things, so maybe add a little more than usual on. But the bottoms there’s a roll top one that might give a little more coverage height. Though that said, these would be between 15 and 20cm high laid flat.

  • Renee | About a Bugg

    Love these! Always on the look out for good bathers and these look like winners. Thanks chick.

  • jewelsofthebeaches

    they have underwire, do they? i asked them once and they said no so didn’t bother ordering. what ones have the underwire?

    • I double checked and no sorry they don’t. The bikini tops do in some of the styles. Sorry for the confusion. When I originally started looking it was at the bikini tops but always manage to half fall out of those things so switched back. HA.

  • Olivia

    Sooo cute! I wish the taniki sets came with underwire, but with all those pretty prints I can’t decide which one I like most! xx

    • Ahh yes, sorry about that. A wee bit of misleading info. But I think the halter could sort the lift issues out… Heck even not having your boobs in a size too small would help too. As far as prints go I have at least 5 more favourites, my number one though is the palm trees on the white’ish background. So cool.

  • Naomi Ellis

    You look gorgeous Melissa and what a fun idea – designing your own summer swimmers! Love it!

    • Thank you Naomi. And it is! I have a dozen, at least, designs saved in my account. I’m set for swimwear ideas between now and forever. Haha.

  • Curse my G cups! >_< Then again, squeezing the G's into an F cup would give me amazing cleavage…

    I love that it's not a halter-neck. Is it comfy around the shoulders?

    (Good to hear you're feeling better, BTW – I'm heaps behind in my blog reading/commenting)

    • G cups, holy lady, you’d fit in well with some of my cousins. Boobs are strong in those ones. Haha. Might be worth squishing, this particular suit doesn’t have a lot of room but then if you used your actual measurements you could add a little… Worth a try.

      About the shoulders, yes it is, wore them all day with no pressure on my shoulders at all. The straps are adjustable, so that probably helps.

      Thank you!! ME TOO. I’m glad you popped by, there’s no late around here, I replied to a comment the other day on a 3 year old post. 😉

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  • Adrian Tamblin