Welcome back, team. This mid-week bonus video is My Instagram Workflow + Q&A. It’s all about how I edit my Instagram photos, the apps I use to get to Instagram and some of my thoughts on curating a feed. Plus, while this action is happening I’ve answered some of your questions about Instagram. Thanks for joining in the conversation on Instagram and Facebook, much appreciated.

My Instagram Theme, currently. Haha. Loving it.

My Instagram Theme 2017 - Suger Coat It

As a plus size fashion and lifestyle blogger, Instagram is one of those essentials platforms for defining and securing your brand. The best of the best are competing for views on Instagram, and if you want your piece, you need to consider how your feed LOOKS. For me, the Instagram workflow is what sets me up to succeed.

I always say it, and I hate to do so, but on Instagram, it is what is on the outside that counts. It’s a visual platform with a disproportionate emphasis on things being beautiful, interesting or plain old cool. When it comes to plus size fashion and lifestyle blogging, there are ways to grow your platform faster than others. Ways, that doesn’t necessarily fit into the type of stylised theme that I operate. I’ve listed a few of them below.

Tips for growing a plus size fashion and lifestyle Instagram.

  • Update your outfit photo daily, if it won’t fit in the grid, put it in your story
  • Post selfies or photos with friends regularly
  • Update your feed up to 3 times per day
  • Link you blog posts in Insta Stories to increase engagement scores
  • Keep your colours consistent even if you can’t have a specific theme

My Instagram Workflow {the video!}

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