I was talking to Dani (you know her, right? SUPERSTAR) and as long time, back in the dark ages type bloggers, we were wondering how the heck we used to make it work. What did we blog about? How did we fit so much more in? Did we fit more in, or nah?

While in this what the heck, how do I even do this spiral, Ash of Ashas_Curves said she’d recently lost her mojo, but now she’s identified her why and she’s ready to go. I’m pretty confident this isn’t my problem. I’ve been locked down on my why for a while now. I even created a mission statement type thing. Classic geek.

To advance the position of women through confidence, self-awareness and self-sufficiency.

It feels like I don’t know where to start. Or what to start or how. I mean, is it possible to forget how to do something that has been a part of your persona, business and lifestyle for almost a decade? It feels like it went POOF and disappeared.

And yes, this increasingly lengthy post seems to directly indicate otherwise. What I’m doing is something I used to do; I opened a page and I started to write. With no plan. Heck, I even just went back up and put a title in.

So, in the interests of making something, I’ve decided to write a post on this blog for the next 30 days.

If I have something on, I’ll schedule it. If I miss a day, you’ve got full permission to kick my butt. You guys, my team, are pretty great to me. You let me come and go, time to deal with myself and time to grow. But this time, it’s on, let’s not let this go by the wayside. I want to get back in the habit of blogging. After all, I said I have to get out more, what better way to tackle it than by doing STUFF to blog about.

I mean, I ate breakfast at a cafe this morning, does that count?

And, the other day I softly petted the head of a teeny tiny, new’ish baby.

Last week I made a warm salad that was impressive AF and learned how to play Fortnite.

And most importantly I spent the day with my mother and sister saying goodbye to a woman who impacted my early years in a way I’m not I can quantify. How do I express that? How do I share what she taught me so it lives on here? I know I want to, I want it recorded and here for when I need it. But how?

To be honest, I’m not sure. But I’ll try. That’s what blogs are for, right?




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