See what I did there? Hilarious.

Somebody help us if that’s the quality you should expect from this post. It probably is. Let’s face it. So, moving on. It turns out that post Plus Size Fashion Weekend Australia there was a bit of buzz happening about my pancakes. I’d blush and pretend to be all humble and coy but seriously, I make some fine ass pancakes, so I won’t bother. First of all there is no fixed recipe for my pancakes. Awkward. Recipe post, no recipe. Eeek.

BUT I recommend the Nigella basic pancakes recipe that can be found pretty  much everywhere on Google. I don’t use sugar in my pancakes, I figure people are usually adding jam or something else to them anyway and don’t even miss it. Do the Nigella thing and my biggest suggestion is to keep an eye on the consistency. If it’s too thick you’ll get like 4 pancakes out of a 15 pancake mix. Too thin and they’ll just be, well, crap. It’s a similar consistency to, well… Ummm. Gah. Check out the pics. I’ll try to think of something…









My tips are;

  • Get a pancake pan {mine is almost dead, as you can see}. Look for flat sides, this helps with the flipping.
  • Heat the pan at an even low heat. Really, you want to use just above off once the pan has been heated.
  • Practice your flips, it’s the only way to learn. Loosen the edges with your spatula first.
  • Add butter to the mix, not to the pan. A small spray of cooking oil if the pan gets too much mixture will help it not sticking.
  • Chill the mixture before using if possible.
  • Pour to the middle of the pan for round pancakes.
  • The thicker the mix, the thicker the pancake but the fewer you’ll get.
  • Allow to cook through {bubbles visible} before you even THINK about flipping. If the bottom is burnt, the pans too hot.
  • Eat as you go. There are never any left once you finish cooking.

Oh, the consistency is like chilled thickened cream. Thick but runny. You know… Sort of. Confession, I had to make these with plain flour so they’re a little crap. Sigh. Best laid plans and all at. 

So get flipping Suger’s. I want pics!

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