It’s been a while since I announced on here that we were putting our house up for sale and gave you a look inside. You must be a little curious about how all that is going, right? If you’re not then, I’ve severely misjudged my importance, and I might need to reassess my mission in life. HA. So if you are interested, awesome, follow me. Otherwise, moving right along folks, see you tomorrow with a new outfit post.

It was pretty much six months ago that we decided to list our house for sale. Since then we have had some ups and downs. As some of you around here for a while would know, my background IS real estate, so I know what to expect. This is also my sixth home. I get it. It’s hard not to tear your hair out though when problems with the company who built your home are overshadowing everything.

We sorted those problems out last Monday.

We signed a contract Thursday.

Can’t complain about that! Haha.

So by the middle of this month we will know if we are unconditional and moving early next year. The idea of packing our lives into boxes is exciting. I love moving. I love the challenge of building or renovating new homes for us. I’m firmly of the belief that if you stay too long in the one place you get stale. And while, for us, we don’t move towns too often, a good house swap is just what the doctor ordered.

I know you’re probably wondering where we are going to go when we sell. Well, I’m even in a position to answer that! Nowhere. Haha. We are staying locally and will probably take up an offer from my sister to crash in a room or two of her house while we finalise the purchase of a new property. The double move will suck, but I don’t like to be rushed. Plus we live together well, and it means she can pack my lunch for me. A double win.

If I told you have a house in mind already, would you think I was nuts? A family friend is looking to sell their property, and it’s THE place I want to be. Mr. Suger agrees, now it’s a case of making it work if we can. People would say that’s a bad strategy for buying a house, to let the person know how much you love it, but I don’t think so. I know that for some people knowing that you will love their home as much as they do is reassuring.

And that, my friends, is an update. I’ll keep you posted, ok?

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