So as I mentioned yesterday on the Facebook page we are selling our house. For years I haven’t shared too much about our house, only the occasional peek here or there because it felt like if you saw my entire house you would know all about us. but not just that, how to find us since it’s a pretty unique looking house. But with it going on the market, us removing ourselves from it emotionally {as you do}, I thought now is THE time to share it with you all.

The house, nicknamed ‘The Church’ for it’s wide, tall facade. When we first built this house my brother and I joked that it looked like one of those cool modern churches. Then while it was being before the entryway was put on someone asked me what we were building, was it a church? And I laughed. It had that look about it, especially before our neighbours built their houses in this street. I still love the look of this house. It’s a perfect combination of traditional and weird.

You know, it’s exactly like Mr Suger and I. Haha.

My builder and I worked together for what felt like months on this one. The first block we were going to purchase was just under 2 acres and allowed for two or three pavilion styled areas joined by breeze-ways {verandas} within the design. It was perfect modern semi rural living. But when that block fell through so did the plan. The idea stayed though and we combined those pavilions by removing breeze-ways and squashing them all together.

The large central square that made up the entertaining areas {kitchen, lounge and dining} was joined to the main bedroom {at the front} and the remainder of the bedrooms, bathroom, powder room and laundry at the back, the garage at the side. It’s sort of an axe shape house if that makes sense… It all came together and worked beautifully an excellent compromise considering our block size and needs changed so dramatically. It worked so well actually that despite not planning to be here for long, we stayed for over 6 years!

We made this place home and now we hope another family will have that same chance. It’s weird to see it with so much of our stuff put away or removed. But you certainly still get the vibe that its us when you see it. Or I do anyway. It makes me smile at the life we created here, the one we lived. I’ll miss my old girl, but she’s been good to us. We’re ready to move on.

And now, because you’ve probably already skipped all that for the pics anyway, here they are! My house. The behind the scenes shots. There’s even a pic of the newly tidy robe room office in there. I’ve got more, expect to see more of that room specifically soon. Weird though, I have no photos of our main bedroom and hardly any of the bathrooms either. Note to self, get those. Haha. Anywaaaays, enjoy!

For more information you can contact my mother/agent Janelle via janelle at

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