As soon as my cousin announced her wedding I called shotgun on hosting the bachelorette party. I love to party; it was a no brain’er. I was the girl for this job. I would host THE party of all parties to send this very dear woman off into the “world of wedded bliss” with a bang. And the secret Pinterest board began.

I decided that it was as good of an excuse as any to tackle the “Drink Champagne & Dance on the Table” theme. So I spoke to Amanda and she put together invitations for the ladies that was mentioned in the first post. The front of the card would be made into a sign for the champagne cocktail station and the rest, well, I’d figure that out later; Champagne themed party coming right up.

And boy, oh, boy did I ever!

There were the jars and champagne glasses I found at a garage sale, the ribbon in the perfect shade of purple on sale at Lincraft, and then there was the glitter champagne bottle idea… Something I tackled and already blogged about. So much fun. Then I covered the bases of the glasses with glitter too. Purple, the bride’s favourite colour, glitter and champagne were the orders of the day.

The tablescape was just about done and I said to Mr Suger that I needed some timber boxes to set up different levels. You know, for interest and drama and such things. I might have some, he said, and indeed he did. Legendary. The cherry on top of my champagne themed party was those boxes. SO good.

So I set up a table with all the glorious treats to mix into our champagne plus sparklers, marshmallows and skewers and pipe cleaners for fun and games later on. There were fruits, fairy floss, cordials, juices with tongs for grabbing and straws for sipping. Then it was done. All there was to do was await the guest’s arrival…

Here are way too many photos of the set-up… 

 And then the party started…

Mr Suger created these things called “Swedish Log Candles” that we also found on Pinterest. Have you heard of those? It’s a piece of timber, a log really about the size of a dinner plate and under a metre long, cut from the top end to three-quarters the way down, hollowed out in the middle and it becomes a containable fire. We had four of them keeping us warm.

Such a simple and effective way to warm a winter outdoor party that doesn’t require someone to stoke the fire nor attend it. I wish I had more photos; I highly recommend them. He lit those about an hour before the party started {it’s pretty smoky when you first kick things off}. Later we toasted marshmallows and gathered around them to chat. A win across the board they were.

 Fun, right? Admit it, you wanted to come to the party too? 

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