Ever scrolled through Pinterest and thought to yourself, wow that looks cool I could do that, only to find that no in fact you couldn’t. Whoops.

Well, this glitter champagne bottle DIY started out looking very much like one of those challenges. How hard could it be, right? There were dozens of guides on how to glitter champagne bottle DIY… How hard could it be, right? After some persistence, curse words and glitter in my eyeballs, I ended up a bit of a pro. No, I thought I’d share what I learnt along the way with you so you too can take on Pinterest and win!

It started with an idea and a hen party looming.

This weekend we celebrate my cousin Katrina as she prepares to marry her man later in the month. She loves purple. I love champagne. So a compromise was born (a compromise that looks a lot like, I’m hosting, so you sit back and relax I’ve got this) and the theme was born. Thanks to Queensland Plus blogger Amanda for her help with the invitations. Much appreciated, they look fab.

I had some invites made featuring that oh so popular phrase that turned out SO well. Sorry, you can’t see the back that’s all secret squirrel you know. With purple champagne (see that play on purple rain I snuck in there for my own enjoyment, I thought you did, well done you) as a starting point I started to collect fairy lights, chop down trees for Swedish torch candles and pin ideas for presenting a champagne cocktail buffet.

There was an awful lot of glitter involved…

I pondered my choices and after finally ruling out floral arrangements as decorations I decided to go for it! Glitter doused champagne bottles and glasses it would be. Thank goodness for garage sales, I picked up all the glasses for under $10! Glitter cost me another $10 (there is plenty left over here if you need some) and I used PVA glue dries clear glue and a paintbrush from home.

Suger vs. Pinterest was about to commence!

After that, things started to come together. I’d planned to pour the glitter out on paper and roll the bottle in it. THAT was a fail. Chunky glitter and uneven coverage. So I brushed off what excess I could and tried again. Covering the bottle in the glue that I brushed on, I tilted the bottle and poured glitter over it. Genius. I built the colour layer by layer in the same way and hey presto, I’m done.

Then came the glasses. I combined the leftover glitter into the one bowl. I’d planned to just ‘dunk’ the bottoms in the bowl but stuck to the same theory as the bottles, and it worked beautifully. I painted the base only with glue and poured the glitter and using a lid from one of the containers (a spoon would work too). I was about to paint patterns on it and get fancy but decided, wisely I think, to quit while I was ahead.

Top tips for glittering all the things!

  1. Label removal on the bottles isn’t necessary if you don’t have time but if you have a clean skin wine, it’ll stick to that perfectly.
  2. Pour the glitter over a catch tray or bowl; this will save mess and enable you to reuse any that falls.
  3. PVA craft glue that dries clear is your best bet. I got mine from Lincraft.
  4. Paint the glue on with a paintbrush and you can get an accurate placement of glitter.
  5. Feeling a little timid? Start with one colour or an empty bottle of wine for practice.

And that my friends is how I took on the Pinterest tutorials and won. I hope this leads to you to give glittering ALL the things a go. I’ve already told my sister that I am on glitter patrol when it comes to her (yet to be even proposed to for there to be a wedding) wedding. Rose gold, of course, that kid has style. So good luck folks, I hope you don’t end up with too much glitter in your phone and eyeballs.

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