This one is easy, as far as choosing one thing every day to be grateful for, because today is Kelvin and my 16th wedding anniversary. Go, team. It feels like so long ago that we first met, and yet, not simultaneously.

There we were, just a couple of kids with no idea. The night you casually dropped by our house sticks in my mind, even now. Even if we can’t remember the year or the date or anything helpful. The heat of the day had finally burned off, and the evening, or perhaps my skin in response to the loss of heat, felt cool. But the drinks were cold, and the casual gathering on the front veranda started gathering steam.

So, with a pack of Angel cards at the ready, I declared it time. Time for each of those assembled to take turns drawing cards. The focus was simple; we were young and broke. Tell us our futures! The circle drew closer, and one by one, everyone selected their cards. I started, then shuffled and allowed the next person to draw. Repeating over and over around the circle until it was your turn.

You selected the same three cards from the pack that I had despite numerous shuffles and people in between. We laughed it off. But you and I would continue to draw variations of the same cards, matching each other at every step, the entire night. They were my cards, and even I didn’t believe when they indicated that our futures would be entwined from that point on. I mean, one of my cousin’s friends who slept until noon in bright red novelty boxer shorts? I don’t think so.

But those angel cards weren’t wrong. After almost two decades together, sixteen years of which we’ve been lucky enough to be married, here we are. Entwined. With a home, a couple of businesses and a veggie garden that now grows more flowers than veggies. Adventures and quiet nights in, long chats and text messages that read like a meme sharing page with requests for milk or takeout at regular intervals. A whole, full, bursting at the seams with gratitude life.

As each year passes I find even more things to love about you. And a couple more things that drive me crazy. I’ve never met anyone as generous as you; you’ll always find a way to help out if you can. No one has made me laugh as hard as you do. Sometimes not deliberately. Your love of mixing patterns, though rarely on purpose, never fails to make me smile. It’s a weird and wonderful time being your wife and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I love you lots, Kel. Here is to many more years together, quietly living this life we’ve created for ourselves.



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