My love for all things basic tee is only matched by my love of t-shirts with words on them. It started years ago. Reached a peak when I picked up the “Team Guy Who Hit Bella With a Car” t-shirt. I love them. They make me smile and I can’t help but wear them A LOT. And they’re fun. Did I mention that? They add this really fun element where a normal tee just wouldn’t have had the same effect.

Can you also tell that this little clutch has become a bit of an obsession too? Two outfit posts on the blog already and I’ve owned it like a week. Either it’s an indication that it is already beloved OR that I don’t have enough fun purses and bags. Actually now that I mention it it’s a little from column a and a little from column b. Remind me to hit the op-shops etc for some bags. Yes?

And this skirt. Well I wear this skirt all the time. Possibly THE BEST $10 I’ve ever spent. This is pretty much a bargain post. Skirt $10, clutch $12, t-shirt {gift from a friend, but it cost her maybe $15}, stripe flats of awesomeness $25 and no hair product was used in the making of these photos. That’s a money saver. Haha. But really sometimes when you need a little update grabbing some bargains {from stores who have a known ethical manufacturing policy such as Target and Kmart} can be the best. Don’t you think?

My goodness how much fun are lazy days. I look at these photos, my partially damp and drying hair. My laugh and I remember how much fun we were having. An easy peasy day. A day that makes my heart smile and my relationship survive the hard days. These are the good old days my friends, as lame as that sounds. I hope you’re out there enjoying them. And maybe you’re wearing some cute flats and a silly t-shirt too.

T-Shirt – New Look {sold out online}
Skirt – Target Australia {sold out online}
Shoes – Target Australia {gifted}
Bag – KMart Australia {in store now}



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