Break the rules week, huh? Mine is not an overly controversial outfit by most people’s standards. A tee, a skirt and some high tops. Not biggie, right? Except that this is one of the last remaining ‘rules’ I had for myself. I refused to wear this style of sneakers, especially with a skirt. It wasn’t flattering. I copped a bit of flack growing up about my chunky legs. Solid calves, solid thighs meant no, no for high tops. No matter how ‘in’ they were. Not for this girl. Oh no way. Or so I was told. You know how it goes. Kids can be cruel. But it’s worse, I think, when your grown up self believes them.

I had also decided a little while ago that t-shirts with messages/quotes on them were too young for me now. 29 is too old for statement tee’s apparently. Thanks brain. Nice rule {not}. Especially considering how much I love them. They make me laugh. I like to play around sometimes designing new ones. But somewhere along the time I decided that I was going to have to give that up. I let me un-serious slip a little.

So with a nice big dash of teen attitude, I went out this weekend and picked up some. They were on sale at my local DFO so I got TWO pairs. One lower cut and put this outfit together. Side pony, statement tee {Twilight fans will get it} and some bright colours. What’s not to love. It really is amazing what you can do when you decide to throw the rules aside. Especially those that you set for yourself. Stupid ones. And sure, heels may be a waaaaay more flattering choice for this outfit but you know WHAT? Heels just aren’t that comfortable. Sometimes a girl needs some flats with a decent sole and support. So times, they were a-changin.

My teenage self was a bit of a jerk. Can you tell? Haha.

This post also says a little about how long some things can stay with you. Get told this by your peers. You believe them. You learn to blend in. Not draw attention to yourself. Wear what other people are wearing and don’t expect too much. It’s a reoccurring script that if let run for too long soon starts to run you. I find that I make rules sometimes, then later break them. Other people set rules for me, I might believe them for a while but sooner or later I do what I want. I wholeheartedly encourage you to do the same. Work out what you like. Work out who YOU are. Work out which rules you’re happy to abide by. Break the rest of them. Channel the rebellious teen in all of us. This is a call to action to break the rules. All of you.

Blazer – Crossroads

Tee – I forget, sorry!

Skirt – Virtu {similar}

Sneakers – Converse

{some brand associations apply, please see my disclosure policy}

Now I’ll let the other ladies show you how it’s done!

  • I freaking LOVE this outfit. Those colours are so cute. I don’t get the tee ‘message’ but that’s probably because I’m allergic to Twilight. x

    • Thanks Telle! I love it to death once I had it on, was like, I should wear this EVERY day!
      HA. Allergic huh. Love it.

  • I freaking love rule breaking when it comes to fashion. I can’t possibly stand the idea of being like everyone else…..I’m ME. I love this outfit, it’s something I’d pull together with a band tee, seriously everyone has to have a rock band or pop culture quote tee for some added chic grunge. Seriously can chic and grunge go together?? I hate rules in fashion, but everyday even with my love of vintage fashion and mixing eras I’m learning stuff constantly. Just the other week I finally gave floral with floral a go. I worked it of course lol.

    Oh and what you were saying about the messages you get about your style and body. I actually wrote a little bit of a personal post last week about a hang up and quirk I still have because of childhood. As I said in the post I’m sufficiently up myself now, but this one thing I need training or something in to improve it because I lack co-ordination or skill to improve it and its my bloody hair…….I beat you didn’t see that one coming (unless you read the post of course, then you know lol).

    • I didn’t see it, but I’d love too. Can you add the link for me pleeeeease. I just don’t get out and around as much as I used too. Sorry. And seriously, if there is someone who has learnt to tame their hair, to make themselves feel good when it was always a source of blah, it’s me. I hear ya!

      I love this comment. What a great addition to the conversation. And yes, sure, chic and grunge can live together. Well, I say it can anyway.

  • I love that shirt! LOL. But I’m the same… I feel too old to be wearing slogan shirts…. they’re are for youngsters and bogans. lol. but your shirt is cool 😀 I also suffer from the chunky legs thing… I hate my knees! My legs are like tree trunks, there’s no real shape to them and I don’t think they suit skirts and shorts of the shorter variety.. so short shorts are reserved for around the house.

    • Haha. I’m glad SOMEONE gets it. My brother always says that it doesn’t count because you’re trying to be all I’m too cool for Twilight but you have to have read them or seen the movies to get it. He’s probably right. 😉

      I think YOU need a break the rules post my dear. Toss those rules out the window and work it. You’ll feel better for it, even if you never wear the short shorts to the shops. 😉

  • I love my converse, Mele has inspired me to wear them with sundresses again like I did when I was younger. Love the post xx

    • Absolutely. I wish I had more floral dresses. The shoes, the op shop finds, I’m slowly being converted. 🙂
      Thanks lovely.

  • Sarah

    I love your shoes and dress this way fairly often. Didn’t even know it was breaking the rules!

  • Melissa Mitchell

    That top makes me laugh! Seriously awesome!

  • Love the pops of colour. Your converse are awesome. Your teen jerk photo makes me laugh. So wish I could go back and have a d&m with my younger self!

    • Thanks! This whole colour thing is rubbing off on me. I do love black on black on black still though. Haha. Oh yes, what we would all say to our teen selves. Oh my. She would get SUCH a talking to. 😉

  • That is so cool! I hope you get to wear those shoes more often – even with skirts!

  • abearmadethis

    You look great. I must admit to having a purple pair of cons that don’t make it out of their shoe box very often. You’ve inspired me to dust them off…thanks 🙂

  • I love this outfit. I love that it’s so personal to you! A “stick it” to your own rules! Nice! … and a bit of a challenge to me too! In a good way!

    • Thanks A. It is and such an up yours, it made me smile all day long. I’m glad it was a challenge, in a good way. 🙂

  • Awesome outfit. And for a day of walking, sneakers are always going to be more flattering than hobbling around in heels that kill your feet.

    Age rules seemed to bypass me. One chick on my school reunion fb page said she hated the day when she realised 30 was too old for short skirts. Give me a break… the day I’m too old for short skirts is the day my legs don’t look hot in them.

    • Usually me too. Occasionally I come up with a new rule for myself to make me more age appropriate, but I never stick to it. It’s a bit ridiculous really. You’re right. The day I’ll stop is when they either don’t suit more or I don’t like them any more. Simple.

      Thanks! Heels have their place, for sure. But it’s not every where, every time.

      • I used to not wear knee socks because of the age thing but after living in Japan and having to wear tights or high stockings to work in insane humidity in summer, I got over it. I also have a thing about not wearing white stockings.

        • I’m the same about white stockings, I’ll leave them for the ballerinas. Bloody gorgeous things. Ha. Knee socks I love the idea of but have never really worn them since high school. Bet it’s fun though. Woooo.

  • mele

    YAY! YAY! YAY! YAY! I had (uh correction….HAVE) the hugest legs ever. Like my huge muscles were too much for a pair of high tops….but since ALL the islanders were wearing them I wanted them too! I love me so converse because I can run around EVERYWHERE and not get sore feet….envious of you ladies who strut it in heels…I must learn one day. BUT I LOVE THIS LOOK! Never too old for a t-shirt and chucks…My fave xo

    • Haha. I was thinking of you as I edited these photos the other day. Thanks lovely. It was fun to wear.

      Your style has completely revived my love for all things sneakers. I said to Hubby this morning, you think I could get away with wearing these to work. He agreed that probably not. HA. Never too old for a t-shirt and chucks combo indeed.

  • Cherie

    When you’re a good sort you can wear anything Suger … and you are and you do :~) Young, fresh, cool, you’ve got it all happening, well done ;~)

  • Bwahahaha, that top = amazing!! I love it! I also REALLY love this outfit! The colours, the patterns and I think the sneakers look great with the outfit!

    • Thanks Nat. I was a little out of my depth putting it together but loved it when I was finished. Love that.

  • Jocelyn ~ Mama’s Style

    Loving the pop of orange on you! And the skirt is fab 🙂

    • Thanks Jocelyn. This one is last seaons but they have a black one with white stripes at the moment if you’re interested. 😉

  • You basically took this from my uni wardrobe, right? LOVE IT!

  • Okay, so please show me what chunky legs we are talking about?!?!? Suger your legs are so fabulous! Seriously I love them. Everytime I see you I want to pat your amazing legs. x

    • Thank you. Haha. Oh you are the perfect balance of complimentary and creepy. I adore you Liv. xox

  • Jac @ Common Chaos Chronicle

    Your teenage jerkiness made you the awesome chick you are today! I love this look. Im 32 and would still wear it! xox

  • neysha machnig

    this is awesome! loving the skirt! xx

  • Kymmie @aditlou

    Love this look!!! X